Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 64 - Pinterest Strategy with Kate Wilkinson Creative

Kate Wilkinson is a digital strategist, speaker, and Pinterest coach & consultant at Kate Wilkinson Creative.  She’s super passionate about Pinterest and works with service-based entrepreneurs to help them explode their presence online using the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine and one of the top website traffic drivers in the world (as at September 2018, 250 million people use Pinterest each and every month!). 

More mind blowing than that statistic is that 90% of those people are using Pinterest to make purchasing decisions, so the opportunity to reach people who are ready to buy your awesome product or service is HUGE.

In this episode, Kate shares some of her savvy strategies and top tips to help you use Pinterest to grow your reach and increase your website traffic (and your sales!) in 30 minutes or less each week.


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Language note: this episode is clean and contains no swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [1:52] All about Kate.
  • [3.39] Getting started with Pinterest, SEO for Pinterest and how to use keywords in your profile, account name, boards and pins so it’s easier for your dream clients to find you.
  • [8:30] Using Pinterest as a powerful search engine to amplify your business + why it’s absolutely not too late to get great organic results.
  • [12:06] Think you don’t have time for another social media platform? Kate’s got you covered in 30 minutes (or less) a week.
  • [13:42] Pinterest as an evergreen platform, the lifespan of a pin and why that’s great for you and your business.
  • [15:40] Content inspiration and ideas on what Pinterest users are loving, looking for and pinning.
  • [16:16] Kate’s secret tip to make your existing content work a whole lot harder for you (hint: you don’t need to blog more!).
  • [22:15] How to lovingly capitalise on the traffic you’re already getting from Pinterest & using Pinterest to promote your opt-in or content upgrade and grow your email list.
  • [28:45] Why Pinterest is a great place to market your business if you’re introverted, emotionally sensitive or empathic.
  • [32:19] Pinterest as a tool for informing content planning and decision making in your business.
  • [33:15] Pin design tips and how to stand out on Pinterest.
  • [38:00] A hot tip to keep in mind if you’re purchasing pin templates.
  • [39:25] Pinterest as a long term strategy for your business.
  • [41:09] How to spring clean your Pinterest account.
  • [42:13] How often to pin, how many of yours to pin vs other people’s pins + how to schedule your pins & automate your Pinterest strategy.
  • [47:00] How to benefit from Pinterest even if you’re not active there yourself.
  • [49:17] The wrap up and how to connect with Kate.
  • Ready to get started? Overhaul your Pinterest account + turn readers into leads with Kate’s awesome Pinterest Makeover Guide.
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Quotes from the Episode

Think of Pinterest as a billboard for your business

Kate Wilkinson

“It’s not too late to get really great, organic results from Pinterest”

“It’s not about the amount of followers you have, it’s about seeing your content convert into website traffic.”

“Just jump in and give it a go.”


Resources We Mention

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