Energy Update - 6 September 2021

Hi gorgeous soul,

How are you? And how’s your week been?

I had the joy of blending incredible healing sessions at Flourish (and welcoming some absolutely brilliant new clients – don’t you just love it when you connect with more of your kinda people!?) with some self-care (reading in the bath – currently reading Rock Your Light by Tracy Spencer and What Matters Most by James Hollis) and a couple of looong sleep ins – so good! How about you? What’s been happening with you? And how are you feeling?

I’ve been sharing these delicious energy updates for a couple of months over in my email community and they’ve been so popular I wanted to share them here on the website too.

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Ok, lovely, let’s do this! Here’s this week’s guidance and goodness – aka the energetic themes for the week ahead. I hope it’s like a hug for your heart.

Infuse – Conscious Change

It’s time to take the leap, to courageously step into the unknown and make it known. The universe is saying to you now that you no longer need to fear or stay hidden behind the old veils which were keeping you safe. You are safe and protected, held and supported as you step forward and into you.

We’re being asked right now to create change from an incredibly deep, true and conscious space. No longer can we keep doing what we’ve always done without asking ourselves why and whether that still works. And we’re being asked to cast our net of consciousness wider – to pay attention to how our own choices impact our world at large, and come to a place of harmony between our inside and outside world.

Here are some journal prompts to ponder and explore:

  • Where in my life am I craving change?
  • What does conscious change mean to me? And what would it look like in my life?
  • If I was conscious, intentional and discerning with my choices, I would…
  • How can my own conscious choices make a positive difference in the wider world?

Diffuse – old habits, patterns and energy that no longer serve you

Where is your life being guided or shaped by stories or beliefs that no longer serve you? And where is it time to let go of the old and make way for the spacious, supportive and new?

If you’ve been noticing some of those old thoughts, funks and frustrations coming to the surface again lately, you’re not alone. It’s a cycle we seem to be repeating regularly as the year flows on. It’s like we’ve been tasked with climbing ‘crud’ mountain (where the crud is all of the old ‘stuff’ that stops us from fully living, loving and enjoying our life experience) and just when we think we’ve reached the summit and we can enjoy the sparkly new vistas, we look up and there’s further to climb. At times it can be almost crushing and send us careening back into old mindsets and energies like victim mode or ‘it’s-not-fair’ land.

Tracey Spencer talks about this in her book Rock Your Light and her take is that these moments in the muck often come right before you “shift into a new level of expansion.” She says:

“Things can feel wobbly and you might second guess yourself. The self-doubt creeps into your mind and gets louder with a list of reasons why you should just go back into your spiritual closet where it’s warm and safe (or, in my case, back to the beige cubicle of my miserable but super contracted comfort zone). Some people refer to this stage as the contraction before the expansion. I like to think of it as the turbulence right before the take-off. When we experience moments of friction or fear bubbling up right before we’re about to step into our power, we get confused. We think feeling unsure must mean we’re doing something wrong or that maybe this isn’t the right path for us. Pease know these feelings are just the initiation into the next level. It’s the Universe doing one last check to see if you’re really committed to what you say you want.”

Tracey Spencer

And so I invite you to ponder:

  • Where is the old stopping me from stepping fully into the new?
  • Where are old thoughts, beliefs or stories keeping me stuck in a comfort zone that no longer serves me?
  • Where in my life am I going through the motions? And what am I ready to do or choose instead?

As the saying goes – “old ways won’t open new doors“, so what new way is waiting for you to welcome it so you can open up to your wildest desires and happiest heart?

And if you’d like to book a coaching or healing session to run a loving and super intentional ‘software upgrade’ to your mind, heart, energy or subconscious so you can make way for more goodness, it would be my joy to work with you.

Here’s what some happy humans had to say about their session:

  • I feel like I’ve updated my soul software and I’m ready for the next level. ~ Sarah M.
  • What a glorious healing session. Things are flowing and feeling so much easier! ~ Catie C.
  • Something has shifted since my session – I haven’t felt this inspired and confident in ages. ~ Tracy A.

Soothe Stress & Anxiety

Last but not least, I wanted to share a beautiful resource with you before we wrap this week.

Over on the Flourish Kinesiology website, I’ve shared a simple and super powerful technique I use with my healing clients called ESR. It’s short for Emotional Stress Release and it’s something you can do for yourself just about anytime and it can help your body shift out of fight flight mode and into rest and relax mode. It’s quick and easy to do and I’ve shared more about it (as well as a short guided ESR video) right here.

I hope this week’s energy update, journal prompts and soothing goodness are supportive for you sweet soul.

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Wishing you a wonderful week and sending lots of love and care your way.

Sarah x

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