A DIY Guide to Your PR Strategy with Katie Maynes

My guest today is PR expert Katie Maynes.

With over 20 years’ experience in the PR industry Katie’s here to help you reach a wider audience with your awesome message and grow your business using the power of PR.

If you’ve ever thought things like, “I don’t have anything to say”, “Who’d want to hear from me” or “It’s all been said before (and better) by someone else”, this episode’s for you.

We talk about how to connect through storytelling, the fear of having your work seen by friends and family, and overcoming impostor syndrome.

Plus, Katie shares her hot tips to get you started with a DIY PR strategy that will grow your business and get results (even if you’re spotlight shy!).

So, get comfy, grab a notebook and pen and dive on in to the goodness.  We hope you love it.


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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [1:45] Intros and all about Katie – a Storytelling & Visibility coach + PR expert.
  • [4:20] The power of storytelling.
  • [6:20] Feeling stuck or unsure how to use storytelling in your business? We break down the what + how so you can get started, STAT!
  • [10:15] Katie shares the magic ingredient you need to share powerful stories that connect.
  • [15:00] “But do I have to share everything?” We get real about what to share, when to share (and when NOT to share) and the difference between selfish content and content that serves.
  • [21:18] The fear of being seen by family & friends, preparing yourself emotionally if you’re sharing traumatic or emotional content, and the importance of having a support network in place if you’re sharing an experience while you’re in the thick of it.
  • [29:08] PR for introverts, energetically sensitive & spotlight shy humans, (aka how to feel more comfortable sharing your stories and yourself in your business).
  • [40:15] If even thinking about PR (or putting yourself ‘out there’) has you breaking into a sweat, we’ve got you covered. We bust through mindset blocks like comparison, impostor syndrome and the fear of being seen, so you can step (gently) into the spotlight and share your message with the people who need it.
  • [49:50] Katie guides us through exactly what PR is and how you can create a killer DIY PR plan for your business.
  • [55:37] Any PR is better than no PR, right? Wrong! How to get strategic + smart with your PR plan (which will save you time and amplify your results).
  • [1:03:56] Exactly how much PR should I be doing for my business? Tune in to this bit for the answer + we offer up a PR challenge and share some great ways to find PR opportunities for your business.
  • [1:10:56] A message from Katie.
  • [1:14.03] How to connect with Katie and access her FREE Pitch Pod Perfect guide (it’s awesome!).
  • [1:15.00] And we wrap the episode by sharing why being a podcast guest is a great way to kick start your PR plan and how to get started (in a way that feels easy and fun) if you’re a total beginner.
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Quotes From The Episode

Your story is your superpower.

“Let your passion shine through.”

“Get out from behind your logo and consistently show up for your community.”

“The power of PR is in helping you reach a wider audience with your awesome message.”

“Quality over quantity.”

There’s never been a better time to get out there and do your own PR.


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

Is this a story that I need to tell?

Will this be helpful for my community?

What’s my outcome / what do I want to achieve through this piece of PR?

Is this a good opportunity?

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention


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