Curated July 2015

Curated is a collection of all the interesting, inspiring and insightful articles I’ve come across during the month.

This month find out why giving up can be a good thing, find out why lavender oil isn’t just for nannas and learn why ditching one word can make a big difference to your mindset.

So find your favourite spot to get comfy, settle in and enjoy!

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This shiny gem from By Regina should probably have an edition of CURATED all to itself! It’s a blogger’s/entrepreneur’s dream guide to creating a simple, easy to follow plan to rock your business. Regina has filled this incredible post with loads of useful info, questions to guide you and worksheets you can fill out which together = making life easier for solopreneurs. She’s even got a section that covers what you can do when you don’t know what to do! If you’re a blogger or biz chick and you read one article from CURATED this month – make it this one.


Danielle LaPorte believes giving up can be a good thing, here’s why.


When you’re done fighting, you’re done. fighting. It’s a bittersweet relief. Focus on the sweet. ~Danielle LaPorte


What to do when your words undermine you. Tahlia Meredith talks about the word you need to ban from your vocabulary right now (and it’s not what you think).


Elan Morgan quit liking things on Facebook for two weeks, here’s what happened.


When you're done fighting
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Want to know how to be massively productive in just 4 minutes? Watch this Marie Forleo video.


Can’t pinpoint your “one big passion”? You’re not alone. Chapter Friday wrote this article on why ‘doing what you love’ might not be quite what you expect.


Chloe Wigan shares 8 lessons we can learn from the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. My favourite is #3, what’s yours?


To get outside your comfort zone and live the life of your dreams, you need to be courageous. ~Chloe Wigan


Feel like you’re going nowhere fast? Melissa Cassera has some tips to help you with a case of the “Are we there yets?”


If the word ‘retrograde’ has you running for cover, Danielle Polgar says it’s not all bad. She shares how you can heal your relationship with money during Venus Retrograde.


The purpose of life
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Tracey Spencer has 6 ways to help you move closer to your dreams.


Social media numbers not growing? Nicole Knox-Gray has some great tips (and some tough love) to help you grow your following.


Have you forgotten to set this one life changing goal? Elyse Santilli has the answer in a guest post she wrote for Mike Dooley’s website “The Universe Talks”.


Most of us have jam-packed to-do lists, but they don’t include self-growth work, inner spirit time, soul-nourishing activities or just time to be alone with ourselves. ~Elyse Santilli


Love this article from Gala Darling about spirituality and life purpose. Who knew I needed to release the need for being ‘overly practical’ and embrace ‘mystery’! What do you need to embrace and release?


What's your life's purpose?
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Trying to choose a focus for your blog? The Nectar Collective shows you how.


Another gem from Marie Forleo this month as she helps you take the shame out of self-promotion.


Feeling stuck? Kate Byrne has 9 fool proof cures.


Think lavender oil is just for nannas? Lauren Garrett has some practical uses for mums, babies, yogis and stress heads alike!


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