Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen Episode 75 - Cultivating Consciousness with Jo ChunYan

Today I’m talking Jo Chun Yan.

Jo’s a writer, brand designer, and intuition coach for healers, intuitives and creatives.

In this episode we talk about cultivating consciousness, intuitive living and how to create a sustainable business (and life) that feels deeply aligned for you.

We explore the beauty of stillness, being intentional with your screen time, and how to use your intuition like your very own inner Google search.  Plus, Jo shares her intuitive approach to working with clients and lets us peek inside her toolkit at the rituals and practices she uses to support her intuition and stay connected to her highest self.

If you feel like you’re always looking outside yourself for the answers, or like you’re following all of the experts but things just aren’t flowing, this episode is for you.  So kick off your shoes, get comfy and come and join us.  We’re so glad you’re here.


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Language note: this episode is clean and contains no swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [1:51] Introductions & all about Jo, her love of creative expression and the process of writing her book
  • [5:17] The energy Jo infuses in her work, her desire to explore the deeper layers and her love of meaningful conversation
  • [11:39] How Jo infuses intuition into both the design process and client experience in her business
  • [14:26] Collaboration over comparison, tuning into the energy of your business and letting your light shine
  • [17:17] Moving through fear and why re-branding is like moving home
  • [19:23] The art of energy matching and why the best results come from the shared energy in a project
  • [21:48] The conscious brand discovery process and the insights that come through when you create space to lovingly explore your business
  • [26:34] The gift of getting aligned + I (Sarah) share some juicy journaling prompts to help you get to the heart of how’d you’d rather be doing business
  • [31:29] Looking for guidance? Why Jo recommends going inward instead of Googling + the power of positive energy, intention and marketing your business intuitively
  • [36:09] Jo shares the tools she used to move through a big block in her business
  • [39:13] Surrendering to your version of stillness + what meditation looks like for Jo (hint: sometimes a busy mind isn’t a bad thing!)
  • [43:34] We talk screen time, boundaries and structure versus flow. Plus, Jo shares her refreshing approach to creating space from the noise and breaking the habit of reaching for her phone
  • [49:35] Who do you want to be? Questions for conscious choice and creating new habits, leaning in to your curiosity, and the “heart versus have to” approach
  • [57:15] Jo shares some of her favourite tools + rituals for cultivating consciousness, connecting with your intuition and tuning in to your highest self
  • [1:04:55] The wrap up and a beautiful message from Jo
  • [1:06:49] How to connect with Jo
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Quotes From The Episode

Each moment is an opportunity to connect back in with yourself

“Create a sustainable business that feels aligned for you.”

Create space for stillness.

Tune in to the energy of your business


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

What kind of person do I want to be?

What could I learn about myself today?

What does my brand represent to me?

How do I want to connect with my clients & customers?

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention



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