Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 70 - the art of creative living with Nicola Newman

Today I’m talking with artist, author and advocate for creative living, Nicola Newman.

Nic’s the host of Flourish – a yearlong course where she shares her passion for creativity and helps other build a really loving relationship with themselves through mindfulness and creative expression.

In this episode, Nic invites us to reconnect with our own creativity, to create space for a creative process that feels fun, and shares her process for moving through blocks and healing creative wounds.

We also explore the art of play, creativity as a tool to feed and fuel self-discovery, and how to navigate criticism and feedback, especially if you’re a sensitive soul.

Plus, Nic shares her beautiful insights on how creativity can support you in moving through life’s different seasons and struggles, and how you can write the next chapter of YOUR creative life with intention and heart.

So, pour yourself a cuppa, kick off your shoes and get comfy as we talk all things creativity.


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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [1:58] Introductions & all about Nicola.
  • [2:28] Getting back in touch with your creative side (especially if it’s been a while).
  • [6:52] Nicola’s creative story, her lifelong love of making things, her experience with creativity as a child and how she returned to creative expression to help her heal her heart and bring joy back to her life after a painful life experience.
  • [12.46] The nugget of wisdom Nicola received at 17 that helped her build a beautiful relationship with herself and tune in to her own needs.
  • [14.59] Creative renewal and how to flourish – fuelling and feeding self-discovery through creativity, the fight/flight and flee/freeze response, and bringing mindfulness and self-compassion to the creative process.
  • [22:07] Letting go of comparison, self-judgement and ‘should’, creativity for its own sake, and the joy of non-attachment and taking the pressure off your creative endeavours.
  • [24:18] Prioritising creativity and self-expression, learning more about yourself through creative expression, and a simple way to feel really safe to explore your creativity (hint: you don’t have to show anyone what you make!).
  • [27:17] self-validation, tuning into your own needs, letting go of outcomes and making friends with joy.
  • [30:35] Permission to play, tapping into your imagination, letting it be easy and embracing imperfection.
  • [34:53] Playfulness as a way to learn and explore the world and what’s possible.
  • [36:05] Nicola shares a beautiful ritual for healing creative wounds and releasing the stories or shame that might be holding you back from embracing or expressing your creativity.
  • [40:55] Writing the next chapter of your creative life – imagining a new way of being and letting your future self lead you forward.
  • [45:43] Creative practices – painting, meditation walks, mindfulness, gardening, collage, photography, writing, free writing / journaling.
  • [46:40] Nicola and I talk about journaling and I (Sarah) share more about my love of journaling as a tool for self-awareness, a container for having a conversation with yourself, an outlet for unfiltered emotion and self-expression and some much needed “all about me” time.
  • [58:54] Creating space to tune into your heart, figure out what you love, come home to yourself through creative expression and connect with what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
  • [1:06:06] The creative journey – seasonality, sustainability, the art of exploration and permission not to finish things.
  • [1:08:13] Navigating feedback and criticism on your creative offerings, especially if you’re a sensitive human.
  • [1:13:35] Embracing your wholeness and giving yourself what you need in order to flourish [1:16:49] A heartfelt message from Nic.
  • [51:23] How to connect with Nicola.
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Quotes From The Episode

I truly believe that every person is creative

Nicola Newman

“Creativity Tip: you don’t have to show anyone your creations.”

“Give yourself permission to play.”

“Fill your well of inspiration.”

“Creativity Tip: create for you, and you alone.”

Give yourself what you need in order to flourish

Nicola Newman

“Creativity Tip: carve out time and space to be creative.”


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

What do I need in order to feel safe to explore my creativity?

How can I create time and space for creativity?

What does it look like for me to play and explore my creativity?

What am I feeling called to create right now?

What will help me flourish?

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention

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+ Virtual high fives to Zhanic whose awesome tune “Lift Me Up” is the intro & outro music for the Rock Your Goals Podcast. It puts a smile on my dial every time I hear it and I hope it gets you grooving in your chair too.