5 tips to create killer content your audience will read love and share by Sarah Jensen

Consistently creating awesome content your audience actually wants to read can feel hard.

Not only that, creating great content that your audience actually reads, loves, and shares can be even harder.

So how do you write content your community will love and do it in a way that’s sustainble AND gets results?

What do I mean by that?

Well, I belive there are two approaches to creating content.

Approach Number One ::

Write as many posts as possible; publish new content every single day and hope that the pure amount of posts you’re sharing will reach new eyes and bring people to your website.

Don’t get me wrong, this approach can work. I know a few bloggers personally who have grown big audiences with this approach.

But my thoughts are that you either have to have A LOT to say or a lot of time to say it (or both) for this approach to work.

And, as someone who’s a bit of an introvert and has to manage their energy fairly carefully, that approach just isn’t going to fly in my world, because it’s not sustainable.

Approach Number Two ::

Write a few super high-quality posts that REALLY help your audience.

Someone who’s epic at this approach is SEO expert Kate Toon.

She doesn’t blog daily, or weekly, or even monthly sometimes.

But when she does sit down to blog, it’s highly targeted and carefully crafted to solve a problem for her audience. To inform and inspire them. To give them a quick win, and help them rock their SEO goals.

Kate knows her audience and she puts as much time into choosing her topic as she does in writing her blog posts.

The payoff?

Her posts continue to draw new and return readers to her site day, after day, after day.

And she’s not spending every spare minute blogging.

And her readers not only love her work, but they share the shiz out of it, which means she’s constantly reaching new potential clients.

Win. Win. Win.

So if you’re ready to start creating killer content your audience will love (and read, and share), here are five ways to get started.

ONE :: Review Your Most Popular Content

Look at your existing content to see what your audience is already reading and responding to. Here’s how…

Review Your Blog

Using your website or Google Analytics statistics, write a list of the top 5 to 10 posts on your website.

Your list should include:

  • Which of your posts have the most page views; and
  • Which of your posts have the most likes, comments and/or shares.

From this list you’ll have a clear picture of the content your audience is already engaging with, and from there you can create more of the same.

That might mean you create more content about a particular topic (like growing your Instagram or boosting your confidence) or more posts in a similar style, like more list posts or how to’s.

A Quick Google Analytics How To

Log in to your Google Analytics account and in the menu on the sidebar, click on “Behaviour” and then “All pages”. This will give you a list of the top pages and posts on your website. And don’t forget to adjust the date range to suit your needs (i.e. to see your most popular post this week, this month or this year).

Bonus Tip

Use your list of most popular posts to do your own round ups (like Chloe Wigan did here). Round ups are a quick and easy way to repurpose your own content and fill a gap in your blog schedule.

Review Your Social Media

You can use the same approach when it comes to creating content for social media too.

Head to the statistics or analytics page of your social media account and look at which of your recent posts (say in the last 3 – 6 months) have had the most likes, comments or shares, and create more of the same.

For me that usually means more inspirational quotes on Instagram, more personal shares on Facebook like this one, or more super helpful pins on Pinterest like this one.

But it will be different for everyone as we’ve all got a different niche, approach, and ideal reader we’re creating for. Take the time to get to know yours so you can create more awesome content they’ll love (and share!).

TWO :: Answer a Question

What questions do you get asked ALL. THE. TIME?

It might be via your online groups or social media platforms.

It might be in response to your newsletters or email marketing.

It might be people emailing you asking to ‘pick your brain’ about how you do something.

It might be people posting questions in the comments of your existing blog posts.

Or it might be questions your clients often ask you (either before, during or after they work with you).

Write a list of those questions and then whip up a blog post to answer each one.

Like Melyssa Griffin did here and I did here.

This works in two great ways.

One ::

If people contact you asking that question again you can simply direct them to the blog post.

It makes replying a whole lot quicker, sends traffic to your website and, if your post is helpful, you might just find yourself with a new fan who shares your post, subscribes to your email list or purchase your products or services.

Two ::

It could be just the information or clarity someone needs to put their money down and work with you.

By creating content that answers frequently asked questions about what you do, how you help and what it’s like to work with you, it helps your potential client make an informed decision about purchasing your product or service (like Amelia Harvey did here).

And Me?

In the 4 years I’ve been coaching clients, many of them have had similar questions, goals and frustrations. By creating resources and content around those topics, I’m able to help my existing clients, as well as my wider community and my potential clients, rock their life and business goals.

Note: if you’re new to blogging or business you might feel like no one’s asking you any questions yet, but that’s ok, you can start by answering your own questions (especially if your ideal client is just like you, or like you a couple of years ago). If not, tuck this one up your sleeve for later and head to option three…

THREE :: Share What You’ve Learned

What have you learned lately?

Or since you started your blog or business?

If your ideal client is you one, or two, or five years ago, what do you wish you’d known then?

What are the tips, tools, apps, people and resources that help you Rock Your Goals?

Write a post that shares what you’ve learned lately, like this post from Sarah Morgan, this post from Elizabeth K Bradley and this post from Kate Byrne at Betty Means Business.

So go on, share your experience and let your learnings help your readers rock THEIR goals.

FOUR :: Ask Your Audience

Still not sure what kind of content your audience is craving?

Ask them!

There are a few quick and easy ways to do this.

Create a Survey

Craft a quick survey and send it to your audience via your newsletter or a link in a social media post.

Typeform and Surveymonkey offer free, easy to create surveys you can send to your audience.

Create a Poll

Create a quick, one question, poll in a Facebook post.

It might be a question with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. For example, “Would you love to read more posts about baking chocolate cupcakes?” and give people a yes/no option.

Or you might ask a more general question and provide 3 – 5 options for people to choose from.

For example, I might ask people, “What would you love to learn more about right now?”

  • Growing your blog traffic
  • Growing your Instagram community
  • Guest posting
  • Running workshops
  • Setting and achieving your goals (aka Goal Rocking)

(Let me know what YOU’D love to read more about in the comments!)

Based on what gets the most votes I would then craft helpful blog posts and social media content around the most popular topics.

Create a Post

Write a blog post or social media post, or go live on Instagram or Facebook and ask your people what they want and need.

Ask them what they’re working on, what they’re stuggling with, what they’d love to learn, or what they really want some help with and then offer a solution through the content you create.

FIVE :: Trending Topics

What’s trending in your niche?

It might be seasonal content (3 great vegan chocolate options for Easter, Christmas gifts for bloggers, or setting yourself up at the start of the year to Rock Your Goals).

It might be new apps, software or tools that will make your clients’ lives easier.

It might be an amazing new book^ that’s been released, a hot new podcast or something else.

How to Find What’s Trending

Finding trends can be as simple as having a scroll on social media and seeing what’s hot, or you can check out trending topics on specific platforms:

Facebook has a ‘trending’ section where it shows what people are talking about right now. You can view it from your Facebook “Home” page (no screen shot included because the trending topics today were all super depressing!).

Twitter has a “Trends for You” section where it lists trending hashtags.

On Instagram click the “Search” icon to view trending posts, videos and stories.

On YouTube click on the word “Trending” in the sidebar menu.

And on Pinterest click on the three horizontal lines to the right of the “search” bar and select “popular”. Here’s a screen shot:

How to find what's popular or trending on Pinterest

Keep an eye on trends and happenings in your niche and share relevant, fun, inspiring or empowering info with your audience.

Take Action

Now it’s your turn!

Which tip will you try? Name it and claim it in the comments and let me know how you go.

Sarah x

P.S. Still feeling stuck? Check out these 5 tips to help you beat writer’s block and get writing again.

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