Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen Episode 74 - Content Marketing with Fayann DSouza

Today I’m talking with Fayann D’Souza from Chutzpah Creative.

Fay is a communication and content strategy expert who helps businesses tell their story and grow their brand with a blend of smarts and a whole lot of heart.

If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of sameness or comparison, or you’re struggling to stand out, this episode is for you.

Fay shares her expert tips to help you see your brilliance, share your point of difference and grow your business through the content you create, as well as meeting your community where they’re at and guiding them on a journey from first connection with your brand, to becoming a customer or client.

We also explore the power of human connection and being of service, plus how to grow your business through recommendations, referrals and word of mouth. If you’re new to business and you’re not sure how to get growing, or maybe you’ve been in business for a while but things just aren’t taking off the way you’d hoped, grab a notebook, get comfy and join us for this episode – it’ll turn what you think you know about content marketing on its head and have you feeling ready and excited to share the story of your business quicker than you can say Instagram.  I hope you love it.


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Language note: this episode is clean and contains no swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [2:03] Introductions & all about Fayann
  • [3:00] Starting from the heart, embracing the spirit of service and tapping into the essence of a business or brand + Fay’s beautiful approach to working with her clients
  • [6:47] Feel like you’re blending into a sea of sameness? Struggling to see your own beautiful brand of magic + what makes you and your brand different? This bit’s for you, my friend
  • [11:12] We bust through the myths of online fame, followers and focusing on the numbers, and celebrate the beauty of human connection
  • [14:50] Going all in for your clients and why you should never underestimate the power of referrals and word of mouth as a tool to grow your business
  • [20:25] How to create a content strategy for your business (and why it includes a hearty helping of getting really honest about what’s not working, so you can tap into what does!)
  • [22:45] Creating intention driven, client focused content (aka creating great stuff your people LOVE, and doing it with a whole lotta heart). Plus, how to meet your people where they’re at, map out a client journey your community want to be part of, and the golden nuggets you can uncover if you get out there and ask your community what they really want!
  • [26:35] It’s time to swap hope marketing for smart marketing – Fay shares some of the mistakes she sees people making and how you can avoid them in your business
  • [29:33] Fay takes us through the elements of a content strategy, what content pillars are and paints a picture of what a great content strategy looks like
  • [32:00] Why marketing is essentially an amuse-bouche for your business (aka a totally tasty sample of the epic-ness you offer). Hint -your job in marketing your business is to leave them wanting more!
  • [37:09] A message from Fay’s heart to you and your beautiful business
  • [38:19] Fay shares her favourite way to connect with her community
  • [40:31] The wrap up and how to connect with Fay
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Quotes From The Episode

Start from the heart

Fayann D’Souza

“Create the best possible experience for the people in your community.”

“Have a consistent spirit of generosity.”

“Go all in for your clients.”

Create a clear path for people to follow towards your products & services

Fayann D’Souza


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

What can you do to be of service to your community today?

How can you show your existing clients some love? (Looking for some ideas, read this post)

And, when creating content, ask yourself:

  • What do I want them to know?
  • How do I want them to feel?
  • What do I want them to do? (What’s the one next step they should take?)

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention

Leonie Dawson

Fayann D'Souza - Chutzpah Creative

Connect With Fayann

Website – Fayann D’Souza

Website – Chutzpah Creative (Coming Soon!)

Instagram – Fayann D’Souza

Instagram – Chutzpah Creative


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