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Planning & Productivity

RYG 67 – How I Created A $10 Million Business Working Just 10 Hours A Week! – with Leonie Dawson

Rock Your Goals Podcast how to build a multi million dollar business with Leonie Dawson

Are you hustling your little toosh off in your biz – and dutifully carving out a niche, just like they said you should – but still feeling precariously close to the brink of burn-out? Well, Leonie Dawson is here to show you how to break ALL of the rules. A best-selling author (her My Shining Year goals workbook has sold over 350,000 copies) and self-confessed serial entrepreneur, Leonie has created over $10 million in revenue with no niche – and working just 10 hours a week. Here, Leonie shares her BS-free tips on everything from mailing lists and money, to why having a big team isn’t necessarily the ultimate end-goal.

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RYG 07 – How To Be More Productive – with Tahlia Meredith

Episode 07 - Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Tahlia Meredith

Virtual Assistant Tahlia Meredith shares practical tips to help you boost productivity & reduce your stress levels.

We talk about making networking and marketing easy, why you don’t need the perfect elevator pitch to book clients and the secret no one’s told you about scheduling (that you NEED to know).

Plus, we share how to ditch inbox overwhelm, be generous without over giving, and why time off is the magic ticket to staying on track, getting more done, and building a business that loves you back.

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