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Mindset & Wellbeing

RYG 15 – Marketing Made Easy & Fun – with Jaclyn Carlson

Episode 15 Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Jaclyn Carlson

Founder and CEO of Blog Society, Jaclyn Carlson shares her secrets to help you fall in love with marketing and market your business fearlessly.
She shares her expertise on everything from storytelling, list building and social media strategy, to ditching fear, frustration and comparison and looking after yourself while you grow your business.

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RYG 09 – Business Real Talk – with Kylie Aloi

Kylie Aloi of Be Present Coaching on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Today I’m talking with Coach, Writer and Speaker Kylie Aloi, who helps women tune out the noise and tune into themselves. We’re talking about ditching the shoulds in life, creating space for creativity, the perception of success and why we often teach what we need to learn. There’s also a bit of a Sarah rant […]

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RYG 03 – Building a Business with Chronic Illness – with Bree Hogan

Episode 03 - Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Bree Hogan

Bree Hogan from Starbrite Warrior shares her story of building a business while living with chronic illness.

We talk about why your niche isn’t the be all and end all of your business, how to keep going when the going gets tough and why taking time off is so important for your soul and your sanity.

We’re explore self-care that doesn’t suck, setting boundaries in business and how you can tap into your biggest business resource – yourself – to thrive and shine online.

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Comparison & Why It Can Be A Total Suck-Fest

Stop comparing yourself to others

This blog post started out as a ‘note to self’ that I recorded on my mobile phone – a “Sarah, don’t forget” reminder that I wanted to write a blog post about comparison. That recording turned into a 5 minute long rant about how much of a suck-fest comparison can be and, since a lot […]

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Why you can’t build a life or a business based on fear

Why you can't build a life or business based on fear

Image credit: Unsplash What are you afraid of? Spiders? Heights? People laughing at you? The people you love leaving you? Failure? I’m afraid of people not liking me. After dinner with a dear friend and a phone call with a wise mentor today, I had a deep a-ha moment. Parts of my life are still […]

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Ditch guilt for good

Ditch Guilt for Good

Of all the emotions we feel, guilt is one of the messiest and nastiest so today I’m sharing 4 ways to ditch guilt for good. Guilt is made up of lots of different emotions all smashed together into something that doesn’t always make sense. Like trifle – I’ve never understood mixing cake, jelly, fruit, custard and […]

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I’m Packing Up My Pot Plant And Going Home

I'm Packing Up My Pot Plant And Going Home

A year ago I quit my job. It was a perfectly fine job in an office as a legal secretary but it was making me miserable and sick. It was affecting my health, my mood, my relationship, my eating habits, my finances and my sex drive. My self-esteem had packed up and moved on. I […]

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