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Community Building

RYG 68 – How To Cultivate A Marketing Mindset – with Ellie Swift

Episode 68 Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Ellie Swift

Did you know there’s a secret sauce that you must apply if you want your marketing efforts to help your business shine like the diamond she is? Yep, and it doesn’t have anything to do with formulas or Insta grids. Inside this episode, I chat to successful (and all-round lovely) mindset + marketing coach Ellie Swift about why fine-tuning your mindset (think cultivating rock-solid self-belief and a heartfelt success vision) needs to happen before you start firing off those EDMs.

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RYG 67 – How I Created A $10 Million Business Working Just 10 Hours A Week! – with Leonie Dawson

Rock Your Goals Podcast how to build a multi million dollar business with Leonie Dawson

Are you hustling your little toosh off in your biz – and dutifully carving out a niche, just like they said you should – but still feeling precariously close to the brink of burn-out? Well, Leonie Dawson is here to show you how to break ALL of the rules. A best-selling author (her My Shining Year goals workbook has sold over 350,000 copies) and self-confessed serial entrepreneur, Leonie has created over $10 million in revenue with no niche – and working just 10 hours a week. Here, Leonie shares her BS-free tips on everything from mailing lists and money, to why having a big team isn’t necessarily the ultimate end-goal.

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RYG 66 – Why Being A CEO Is In Your DNA – with Lena West

Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 66 - Why being a CEO is in your DNA - with Lena West

So, you launched a business and she’s your baby. But how do you make the jump from humble business owner to goal-rocking CEO – and is this even possible for everybody? According to Lena West, a formidable business coach for high-performing female entrepreneurs, it’s basically in your DNA – it’s simply up to you to decide what brand of CEO you want to be. Lena blew my mind in this ep by sharing her insights on ALL things business, from how to set your pricing, to failure vs. feedback, and what the last 90 days can tell you about where your business is at.

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RYG 15 – Marketing Made Easy & Fun – with Jaclyn Carlson

Episode 15 Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Jaclyn Carlson

Founder and CEO of Blog Society, Jaclyn Carlson shares her secrets to help you fall in love with marketing and market your business fearlessly.
She shares her expertise on everything from storytelling, list building and social media strategy, to ditching fear, frustration and comparison and looking after yourself while you grow your business.

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RYG 11 – Clever Copy and SEO Success – with Kate Toon

Want more eyes on your work and more customers in the door? Kate Toon’s got you covered.

In this episode Kate shares her expert tips to help you sharpen up your copy and convert those clicks into customers. Plus she’s dishing the details on how to get started with SEO and the simple tweaks you can make right now to get more eyes on your amazing work.

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RYG 02 – Building Your Brand & Business Through Live Events – with Jade McKenzie

Episode 02 - Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen - Jade McKenzie

Event professional, coach and creator of The Event Head, Jade McKenzie shares her expertise about all things workshops and live events, and how you can grow your business through beautiful in person events.

Jade gives us a great big permission slip to play and enjoy our business journey and we tap into topics like why you don’t have to shout the loudest to stand out, why finding your own groove (rather than following a formula) will take you far, and how to stay sane (and avoid burnout) while you build your dream biz.

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