Writing a New Script

I liken starting and growing a business to riding the rollercoaster – it’s exciting AND scary all at the same time!

It brings up ALL of the feelings, the fears, and the self-doubt.

And it’s also incredibly inspiring, rewarding and confidence building.

But talk about a journey!

So imagine if you had someone on your team who is just as passionate about your future success as you are!

Imagine what you could achieve with the support of someone who:

  • Believes in and loves your business as much as you do.
  • Genuinely wants you to succeed and surpass your goals.
  • Knows how to help you design a business and a life that you will love and take pleasure in.
  • Will share creative ideas and help you brainstorm to bring your visions to life.
  • Will be your best enthusiast through the highs and lows, ready to cheer you on and celebrate your victories.
  • Will help you develop a clear plan to achieve your dreams.
  • Will help you stay inspired, excited and motivated to keep on growing and blaze your own trail.

Well that person is me, lovely.

Testimonial - Michelle Wisdom Ellis
And let me tell you a secret

You deserve this.

Sound a bit too simple? Well, it IS that simple, but I want you to think about what that truly means.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent your life believing that you aren’t good enough, that the good things that happened were coincidence, just Lady Luck smiling on you today and she’ll probably take it all away tomorrow.

Maybe you’ve spent far too long believing your only purpose in life is to support everyone else – friends, partner, children, boss, best friend.

Maybe you’ve even thought that what you have to say is boring, pointless, that it’s already been said before or even “who am I to change the world?”

If any of this rings true for you, then you, my friend, have fallen into the trap of believing you don’t deserve success, true happiness, and to shine that light of yours.

You’ve accepted your “role” in life as everyone else’s supporting cast.

But trust me when I say that’s not true.

Each and every one of us deserves to live a life that is true to ourselves.

Each and every one of us deserves to live our own definition of success.

And I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – you living your best life doesn’t mean anyone else has to suffer for it.

Your success does not diminish anyone else’s light.
Sarah Laurence
So say it again with me:

I deserve this.

And here is secret number 2:

You can do it.

So what if you’ve never run your own business before?

So what if you’ve worked for someone else your whole life?

Guess what – that was true for me before I started my business.

And it’s true for plenty of inspiring leaders out there.

I di it. They did it.  And so can you.

Especially with the support, love, trust and open, honest communication you get with the right business coach.

Kylie Aloi - Be Present Coaching


Is Business Coaching Really For Me?

  • If you’re in the dreaming phase, or you’ve got an idea but no clue where to start, business coaching can help you get clear and create an action plan to bring your ideas to life.
  • Or maybe you’re new to business – you have a website and you’re on social media but you want to hone your message, grow your community or break through the overwhelm of doing ALL of the things and focus on the stuff that gets results.
  • If you’re ready and committed to putting in the work on yourself, your business or your blog, then business coaching is definitely for you!
  • If you want to feel inspired, motivated clear and focused, and enjoy being a business owner, then business coaching is definitely for you!
  • If you want to create, grow and build, write your own business story and do it on your own terms, then business coaching is definitely for you.
  • If you want a business that feels like YOU, that’s fun to run and that you truly enjoy working on, then business coaching is definitely for you!

During each three month cycle, I work with a maximum of four clients, so I can devote as much time and energy as possible to you.

You’ll get undiluted commitment, laser-like focus, and loving guidance. I’m in all the way, and we’re going to totally rock your biz!
Megan Gogoll - The Anxious Poet

My Clients Make Me Burst With Pride

Every single one of my clients started with an idea and a whole lot of heart, and every single one of them has achieved so much that it blows my mind whenever I think about it.

Here are just some of their incredible successes:

  • Launched a beautiful website and published their very first blog post.
  • Taken their podcast to number one in their category on iTunes.
  • Started a successful eMagazine.
  • Created and launched amazing online courses.
  • Designed and hosted sold out workshops.
  • Worked with their dream brands and become brand ambassadors.
  • Shared their words with the world and been published on sites like the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, the Elephant Journal and many more amazing and respected news sites.
  • Built highly successful Facebook groups.
  • Landed their first clients and filled their client books.
  • Grown connected communities on social media.
  • And so much more.

So many of my clients have experienced their own achievements, and every single one of them can tell you, without doubt, that you can do it, too.
FayAnn DSouza - Chutzpah Creative
Of course, I had a whole lot to learn along the way as well.

Some of the things I’ve achieved since I started my business in 2014 are:

  • Winning an award for the Rock Your Goals Workshops + hosting a sold out workshop tour around Australia.
  • Having over 50+ of my articles and interviews published in places like the Huffington Post, Blog Society, the Elephant Journal, ROOOAR Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine, Event Head Magazine and so many more.
  • Being a guest expert + guest teacher for amazing programs like the ROOOAR Room, The Sacred Circle Leadership Training and the Free Spirited Collective.
  • Launching the award nominated, iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast “Rock Your Goals” and featuring some of my biz heroes like Sarah Von Bargen from Yes & Yes, SEO Guru Kate Toon, Christina Butcher from Hair Romance, Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business, The Merrymaker Sisters and more.
  • Working with incredible brands like the Collective Magazine, Thankyou Group, Pana Chocolate, Soak Society, Davroe hair care, Combardis Elixirs, Hurraw Lip Balm and more.
  • Learning from amazing coaches and mentors like Rachel MacDonald, Tara Bliss, Jade McKenzie from Event Head, Carly Jacobs from Smaggle, New York Times Bestselling author Christina Butcher, the ProBlogger himself Darren Rowse, Sarah Von Bargen, Melyssa Griffin, Blog Society, Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business, ROOOAR Magazine creator Anna Dower, Kimra Luna, Leonie Dawson, Nikki Elledge-Brown and master biz maven, Marie Forleo + more.
  • Filling my coaching books with amazing clients who rock my world and who I love working with.
  • Creating and launched the super-successful online course Rock Your Goals.
  • Being a finalist for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s International Coach of the Year Award.
  • And more!

Sarah Jensen - award winning + internationally certified Life & Business Coach

So lovely one, it’s time to claim your dreams and Rock Your Goals!

If you’re ready to walk the path that will lead to your own incredible vision of success, I offer two packages to help you on your way.

*Note: I am a certified Beautiful You Coach and offer certification coaching. Please connect with me via the link below to talk about how we can work together.


60 Minute Business Coaching Session

You get one hour on Skype, with me, to use how you prefer, for just $222 (AUD).

This is perfect for you if you’re looking to:

  • Brainstorm, solve a problem and create magic in your business.
  • Bust through the blocks that are holding you back from taking action, owning your awesome and growing your biz.
  • Share the highs and lows of your business with someone you can trust.
  • Spark inspiration and breathe life into that BIG creative idea of yours.
  • Learn how to get published online, host a successful workshop, or start a stellar podcast.
  • Create a plan to attract clients and fill your client book.
  • Refine, redesign, simplify or bring more sustainability into your business.
  • Break free from the “one size fits all”, “cookie cutter” style of business that’s leaving you feeling frustrated.
  • Inject more YOU and more fun into your business.
  • Figure out exactly what to focus on so you can ditch the overwhelm and get results.

Let’s work on it, together.

It’s your time, your hour, and you can decide how we use it. I will do everything in my power to help you shine bright and succeed.

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3 Month Coaching Series

Get unstuck, find your spark, build your business and get support.

For $555 (AUD) per month for three months (total investment $1,665 AUD), you get complete access to my best business coaching available (payment plans available).

  • We start with a 20-minute connect session where we talk about you and your business goals, what you want to achieve and how you want to feel as you build and grow your business. After this session, you can decide if you’re committed to your future success and sign up for three months of business coaching together.
  • We get together every two weeks for a 60-minute Skype coaching session, for a total of six sessions over three months.
  • You get email access to me for support, cheerleading, virtual hugs and high fives, and for those super-necessary sanity checks.
  • After every call, I’ll send you the highlights of our discussion, including action steps, loving reminders, hugs and high fives to help keep you on track and motivated to achieve your goals.

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