Rock Your Goals Podcast build a multi million dollar business with Leonie Dawson

Today I’m talking with the super rad Leonie Dawson.  She’s a self-confessed serial entrepreneur and a best-selling author; her My Shining Year goals workbook has sold over 350,000 copies around the world.  She’s created over 10 million dollars in revenue with no niche (because she is all about following the path of passion and creativity).  And she’s done this while working just 10 hours a week and spending tonnes of quality time with her family.

In this episode Leonie shares her BS free tips + personal experience on everything from marketing, mailing lists and money, to right sizing your business, rocking your goals and making room to read.

Plus, we talk social media – why it’s time to stop scrolling and get strategic, and the tools Leonie uses to break the habit of reaching for her phone.

This episode is chock full of goodness (and f-bombs!) and I just know you’re going to love it.

So grab your favourite notebook, pour yourself a cuppa and come join the conversation.


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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains quite a few f-bombs.

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Episode Summary

  • [2:00] Introductions, random TV shows and coming out of podcast retirement to talk with Leonie.
  • [4:05] All about Leonie.
  • [5:45] No niche? No worries. Leonie has created $10m + in revenue by sharing what she’s passionate about.
  • [6:25] Loving the shiz out of who you are and why it’s less about what you do and more about what you are (side note – you’re awesome!).
  • [9:47] Why having a big team isn’t the be-all-end-all of business, how Leonie ‘right sized’ her business, and how making the hard decisions have created more space for creativity.
  • [13:15] Money, lifestyle and the millionaire next door.
  • [17:45] Leonie’s Barefoot crush and the epic success of her My Shining Year Goals Workbooks.
  • [19:00] How Leonie runs her business at ‘intense profit’ (up to 80-90% profit margin) and how you can too.
  • [22:26] The golden nugget of wisdom on Leonie’s wall and how it can help you figure out (and focus on) what’s most important in your business.
  • [23:02] How Leonie decides what’s important in her business and why she regularly prunes things back, pulls out the weeds and makes room for the magic to grow.
  • [24:32] The epic #TruthBomb that will help you get the money flowing into your business + why it’s time to stop hiding and start shouting your special brand of brilliance from the rooftops.
  • [26:30] The beauty of a deadline and how pre-selling your offerings can help you ditch perfectionism and get it done.
  • [28:06] Got all of the goals and no follow through? Leonie’s got your back. She shares how she stays motivated and keeps the momentum going.
  • [31:44] Why business is one big science experiment and why that’s awesome. How to reverse engineer your productivity and why just because every woman and her pony is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to!
  • [37:17] Leonie’s unsexy, but super effective, way to market her business.
  • [41:43] Lowering your expectations, fan girling, Elizabeth Gilbert, and why concise just isn’t our jam.
  • [44:58] “I know my magnificence and I’m not toning myself down” – and other lessons Leonie learned in High School.
  • [45:35] Leonie shares exactly how she’s grown her email list to over 55,000 amazing community members.
  • [46:45] “Social media can suck it” – getting strategic and being super smart about how we use social media to grow our businesses and connect with our communities.
  • [50:50] Trading time wasting for time creating and the tools Leonie uses to help her do this + the free piece of software that’s made Leonie more money than any other software in her business.
  • [51:57] What Leonie’s reading right now and how she makes more time to read.
  • [56:28] How to reduce screen time and break the habit of reaching for your phone + I (Sarah) share the embarrassing stat of how many times a day I reached for my phone at the height of my social media addiction.
  • [58:55] How to connect with Leonie.
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Quotes From The Episode

It’s less about what I do and more about what I am

Leonie Dawson

“You are glorious just as you are.”

“Market the absolute shit out of what you’ve got to offer.”

Create something glorious for people and be generous

Leonie Dawson

“Stop scrolling and read a book instead.”


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

If I could only work 2 hours a week in my business, what would I do?

What’s the core essence of what’s making me money in my business?

Do I really need to do this? Is this going to make a difference to my business?

Does this move me closer towards my goals?

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention


Leonie Dawson

Connect with Leonie


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+ Virtual high fives to Zhanic whose awesome tune “Lift Me Up” is the intro & outro music for the Rock Your Goals Podcast. It puts a smile on my dial every time I hear it and I hope it gets you grooving in your chair too.