How to share your best nine Instagram photos from 2017

Best Nine is a fun way to view and share your top nine Instagram photos from 2017.

It’s quick and easy to do. Just head to enter your Instagram user ID and see which photos were most loved by your community in 2017.

Once your top 9 have been generated you can share straight to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or download and save to your device to view and share later.

Instagram Best 9 of 2017

Things to note:

  • If your account is private you won’t be able to generate your top 9. A quick way around that is to switch your account to public for a few minutes, generate your top 9 Instagram photos, and then switch back to private.

  • It may take a few minutes to generate your top 9, so enter your user ID, go make yourself a cuppa and come back to check out the goodness.

  • 2017 Best Nine will also show you your total number of posts and photo likes for the year.

  • And if you want to check out other people’s 2017 Best Nine, the official hashtag is #2017bestnine


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Photo of phone in post header is from the wonderful TwigyPosts