Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 79 - Behind the scenes of my 8k launch with Sarah Jensen

Go behind the scenes of my recent launch of the Becoming You experience; a year long journaling program, crafted to help you get to the heart of who you are and live the life of your wildest daydreams.

In this juicy episode, I dish the details on what worked, what didn’t work, and how I navigated some of the challenges along the way, including some of the messy mindset stuff that invariably comes up when you’re doing something new or going bigger than you’ve gone before!

Plus, I talk about the numbers and the dollars behind the launch so you can see exactly how the strategy + love I infused into the launch paid off in terms of intake and income.

So why am I sharing this? Two reasons:

  • ONE – it was a HUGE learning curve for me and I reckon some of the great stuff I learned and implemented can help you get incredible results in your next launch.
  • And TWO – I wish more people in business were more open, transparent and generous with the nitty gritty goodness that actually moves the needle in business (not the half assed hooks that promise only to upsell you into their exxy programs).

So tune in, take notes and then take action in YOUR amazing business.

You’ve got this.

Sarah x

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Language note: this episode is clean and contains no swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • How the idea for Becoming You came to life (and grew a life of its own!).
  • Some of the things that worked really well including:
    • The simple + fun way I grew my email list before launching the course.
    • How I harnessed the power of community and word of mouth to reach more eyes + hearts with the experience.
    • The bonuses I created to encourage people to join early.
    • Exactly where I promoted the experience.
    • And a technique I used on Instagram Stories that not only felt great, but worked well.
  • What was hard for me and how I navigated it during the launch (or what I learned from it that will help me next time I launch), including:
    • How I got through my blocks around writing my sales page and emails (and actually enjoyed the process).
    • The things that made a difference when I was struggling to maintain energy + momentum (or I just plain felt like I was running out of things to say to promote the experience).
    • How I juggled the launch with an (almost) full-time job (and what I’ll do differently next time to make it easier on myself).
    • The “cart open freak outs” are real, people! What it looked like (it ain’t pretty sometimes) and how I moved through it and stayed as sane as possible.
  • A breakdown of the sales – how many people joined, when they joined and when the most sales happened for me in my launch (this actually surprised the heck out of me!!).
  • A breakdown of the dollars and how it all came together to create an $8k (AUD) launch.
  • The people and things I leaned on which made launch more manageable (including some tools I leaned on heavily when my mindset got funky or fear came out to play).
  • Things I learned and what I’ll tweak or do differently next time.
  • Launch fun facts (including something not many people know about day 1 of my free Design Your Day challenge).
  • The tech behind my launch and my course – exactly what I used to promote and run my course.
  • Thanks and shout outs to some very rad humans.
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