Every once in a while, the stars collide and something truly magic happens.

That’s how I feel looking back on my life and business since being part of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Life Coaching course.

Never in a million years did I believe that one course could completely change the trajectory of my life and my business, but that’s exactly what happened.

When I first came across the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I was working as a legal secretary in an office environment that was less than inspiring.

Deep down I knew I didn’t belong in a beige cubicle with no windows for the rest of my life. What I really wanted was to help others and make a difference, I just wasn’t sure how.

In my spare time I’d been blogging and building a community based on truth, trust, kindness and support, but it was really more of a hobby than a business and I hadn’t figured out how to tie it all together. So when I saw the Beautiful You website, something in me breathed a sigh of relief and said,

Yes. This is it. This is what I’m meant to do.”

I signed up almost immediately and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Why I Loved It

There’s something special about the Beautiful You coaching course and its founder, the incredible Julie Parker, has created so much more than just a course, she’s created a community, and it’s a community I’m proud and grateful to be part of.

Some of the course highlights for me were:

  • Being part of a group of extraordinary women who ‘get it’ and are on the same path.
  • Being guided by world renowned experts, coaches and mentors who’ve been there, who understand and who generously share their expertise.
  • Having the opportunity to ask the amazing Julie Parker questions and receive her guidance on the group coaching calls.
  • Connecting with my fellow trainee coaches in the private Facebook group and having that safe space to ask questions, receive support and celebrate together.
  • Meeting and having the chance to work with the incredible Jade McKenzie from Event Head.
  • Working with my wonderful coaching buddy. It was absolutely invaluable to work together with a fellow trainee coach, share our experiences and practise our coaching together. It helped me grow my confidence and build up the courage to put myself out there and start working with paying clients. My coaching buddy and I are friends for life and we still check in with each other regularly to block bust, stay accountable and support each other as we continue to grow our businesses.

Not only was the course a special experience, but the way my business has grown and changed since I finished the course has been more amazing than I ever could have imagined.

Event of the Year Nominees BYCA

Some of the incredible gifts and ‘pinch me’ moments are:

  • I have so much more clarity around my business, brand and mission than I did before the course.
  • I’m clear about who I am as a coach, who I work with and how I help my clients, and I feel confident owning the title of “coach”.
  • Hosting my first ever workshop and turning it into a sold out, national success in less than a year.
  • Winning the Beautiful You Coaching Academy’s Event of the Year Award for the Rock Your Goals workshop.
  • Starting the Rock Your Goals podcast, having it appear in New and Noteworthy on iTunes and interviewing internationally acclaimed guests.
  • Working with incredible brands like Collective Magazine, Thankyou, Pana Chocolate, Jurlique, Soak Society, Peppermint Magazine, Davroe Hair Care, and more.
  • Being paid to speak at corporate and community events.
  • Being part of a growing community of women who lift each other up and shine together, and who are changing the world.
  • Having the opportunity to coach over 600 people through one on one coaching, workshops, online courses and speaking events.

It never occurred to me when I started the course that any of this was possible. I just wanted to take a step towards becoming a coach and my hope was that I’d be able to find some clarity around my work and maybe grow my community a little. But this course took me to a whole new level, both personally and professionally.

I learned from the best, I was inspired by the success of others and I was shown that absolutely anything is possible when you mix self-belief with incredible support.


My Beautiful You Coaching Bonuses

There are 3 Beautiful You courses available in 2018 commencing in February, May and October and if you’re ready to become a coach, I’ve created some special bonuses to support you on your journey.

A 3-month coaching series with me, valued at $1,665.

I’m a Beautiful You certified and award winning coach and we’ll work together so you can build a business and life you love, without going broke or burning out in the process.

The 3 month coaching series includes:

  • 6 x 1 hour Skype calls.
  • An email summary of our call listing action items and filled to the brim with encouragement + care.
  • Email support between calls so you can maintain motivation and stay inspired.

Note: as I’m a certified Beautiful You life coach, your coaching sessions with me will count towards your own certification.

A small gift, hand selected by me, to inspire and support you (valued at $50 AUD).



  • You’ll receive these bonuses upon confirmation that you’re enrolled in the course and following the BYCA refund period, which is approximately one month after your course has commenced.
  • To receive these bonuses, please ensure you sign up to the course using my affiliate link (it needs to be the last link you clicked on before you sign up) and email me at sarah @ sarahjensen.com.au to let me know so we can exchange virtual hugs and high fives.

If you have any questions about the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy course or my affiliate offering, please feel invited to email me at sarah @ sarahjensen.com.au or connect via the contact page.

Photo credits (top to bottom): Amy Agnew, Fi Mims.