Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen Episode 8 - Become a Better Writer with Vanessa Carnevale

Whether you’re new to writing, or you’re a seasoned professional, published author Vanessa Carnevale has a virtual goldmine of tips to share that’ll help you create a regular writing practice, hone your message, and share your words with the world.

In this episode, we tap into ‘writerly resistance’ including finding the time, where to write, and even what to write, and Vanessa shares some simple strategies to help you find your voice, fuel your creativity and overcome writer’s block. Plus, Vanessa shares how you can tap into inspiration, and get out of your own way, so you can get the words out of your heart and onto the page (or screen).

So pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy, and soak up the goodness.

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Language note: this episode is clean and contains no swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • Finding your voice as a writer
  • Simple strategies to get words on the page
  • Building resilience and dealing with rejection
  • How to use mindfulness to overcome writer’s block
  • Why sometimes stepping away is the smartest move
  • Tips for boosting your creativity
  • Approaching writing with a beginner’s mindset and releasing the need for perfection
  • How free writing can help you become a better writer
  • Creating a workspace that keeps you inspired
  • Tips to overcome fear, frustration and feeling stuck
  • Claiming the title of “writer” (hint: if you write, you’re a writer!)

Quotes From The Episode

You must believe in other people's belief in you

Resources We Mention

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+ Loving shout out to Ane Novak who created the wonderful tune “Happy Day” (the awesome intro & outro music to Rock Your Goals the podcast) which gets me grooving in my seat every time I hear it.