Rock Your Goals Podcast with Sarah Jensen Episode 7 - How to Be More Productive with Tahlia Meredith

If trying ALL of the productivity hacks under the sun so you can “do more in less time” has you feeling more frazzled than ‘freedompreneur’, you’re not alone. But before you call it quits and hit the couch with a jumbo sized tub of ice-cream, pull up a chair (and your favourite notebook and pen) and tune in as fully booked Virtual Assistant and productivity maven Tahlia Meredith takes us inside her toolkit.

In this episode Tahlia dishes the details on all of the tech and time saving tricks she uses to get great results in her own business and for her clients (without tearing her hair out). We also explore how to make networking fun, why you don’t need the perfect elevator pitch to start booking clients, and how to take back control of your inbox. Plus, Tahlia shares the must know secret no one’s been brave enough to tell you about scheduling in your business.

There are so many great time saving tips in this episode, so pour yourself a cuppa, get comfy and dive on in.

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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) and how can they help you rock your biz goals?
  • Trying to attract more clients (or your first clients) to your biz? We’ve got you covered
  • Networking + marketing don’t have to be sleazy, cheesy or gross – we’ve got tips for making it fun
  • Why you don’t need a perfect elevator pitch from day one
  • The simple approach to scheduling that will change your life
  • Tools, tech and apps that will save you time + money and help you get more done
  • Productivity tips that will knock your socks off (seriously, Tahlia brings the goods!)
  • Ditching inbox overwhelm and being the total ladyboss of your emails
  • How to be generous and give back without overgiving or being taken advantage of
  • Why time offline is a necessity, not a nice to have, if you want to grow a successful, sustainable business
  • Tools to help you schedule the shiz out of your social media

Quotes From The Episode

“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.” ~ Anna Taylor

“You can schedule the shit out of things but if you don’t follow the schedule, shit won’t get done!”

Resources We Mention

  • Google Calendar + Google Docs (You need a Gmail account to use them but they’re great free tools)
  • Toggl – online time tracking tool (free and paid versions available)
  • Meet Edgar – social media scheduling tool (paid service)
  • Hootsuite – social media scheduling (free and paid options available)
  • CoSchedule – social media scheduling tool with plugin that allows it to run inside your WordPress dashboard (paid service with 14 day free trial available)
  • Buffer – social media scheduling (free and paid options available)
  • Pocket – cool app that lets you save articles, videos, images, pretty much anything for later
  • Evernote – an app that allows you to make notes, save images, articles, links and share your notes with others
  • OneNote – the Microsoft version of Evernote
  • To Doist – an app to restore your sanity when it comes to To Do lists – set up lists via your phone, tablet or computer, view and edit anywhere, anytime
  • Marie Forleo’s video about managing people who want to ‘pick your brains’

Tahlia Meredith

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+ Loving shout out to Ane Novak who created the wonderful tune “Happy Day” (the awesome intro & outro music to Rock Your Goals the podcast) which gets me grooving in my seat every time I hear it.