Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 04 - How to be a great mum and build a successful business with Roxanne Ford

In this episode writer, entrepreneur and charity advocate Roxanne Ford talks about balancing business and babies.

Rox became a mum at 20 and experienced first hand the judgement and lack of support available.  She vowed to change that and created Baby Mamas – an online community with a mission to inspire, inform and support young mums around the globe.

In this episode we talk about the beauty of figuring things out as you go, why done is better than perfect, and how celebrating yourself every step of the way can help you maintain your momentum.

Plus, Rox shares her wisdom on mummy guilt and how she’s built a thriving online empire based on kindness and generosity, while carving out quality time with her young children.

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Language note: this episode is explicit and contains light swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • Roxanne shares her story of young motherhood and how having 2 children under 2 by the age of 22 has inspired her to help other young mums
  • How to deal with the mummy guilt that comes with taking time for yourself and building a business
  • #TruthBomb – most of us don’t really know what we’re doing when we first start our business, and #LoveBomb – it’s ok to figure things out along the way!
  • Why you don’t need permission from anyone but YOU to go after your dreams
  • How to ditch comparison and feel good about your progress
  • Why it’s so important to celebrate yourself every step of the way
  • The magic of clarity and why pushing harder won’t get you there faster if you don’t know where you’re going
  • How to turn flop into ops (opportunities) and why there’s no such thing as failure
  • Feeling the fear and can’t bring yourself to hit publish on your website, post or offer? We’ve got you covered with some loving mindset tips
  • How to bring a whole lotta value to your community and your dream clients
  • It’s not about the numbers. Say it with me – it’s not about the numbers! Why engagement and community are the only metrics you need to measure
  • The art of rest and how taking time off can skyrocket your productivity + sense of purpose
  • How to get out of struggle town and get back on the path
  • Why making friends online rocks
  • Ditching perfectionism and why done is better than perfect

Quotes From The Episode

Pushing harder won’t get you there faster if you don’t know where you’re going.

Roxanne Ford

“Done is better than perfect.”

Resources We Mention

The free Baby Mamas Facebook Group for Young Mums

The Raise Foundation

BRIGHT free eMagazine

Roxanne Ford

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