Aligned Melbourne Sarah Jensen Group Photo

From the moment we walked through the door of The Windsor Workshop, I knew the ALIGNED Melbourne event was going to be special. It was warm, inviting, open, light filled and oh so beautiful.

We filled the room with bright, beautiful blooms from Tillda flowers, gifts from our wonderful sponsors and a group of incredible women who greeted us with wide smiles, great big hugs and genuine excitement on arrival.

We eased into the day with tea, coffee, fruit and cheerful chatter and it was so lovely to have time to get to know everyone and settle in before Rach and I presented.

Aligned Melbourne The Windsor Workshop

It felt almost surreal to be standing at the front of the room with Rachael Kable and welcoming the ladies in the room to ALIGNED.

From a little idea we hatched over brunch one Melbourne morning in March, to standing next to one of my best friends, a woman who inspires me on a daily basis, and sharing our stories, our selves and our passions with a room full of incredible women; there was something truly magic about it.

Over the course of 2 hours, Rach shared the most beautiful journey into mindfulness.

We set meaningful intentions, explored journaling as a way to shape our thoughts and support our desires, and we learned wonderful breathing techniques to bring a sense of calm, balance and peace into our minds, hearts and lives.

Aligned Melbourne Mindfulness

One of the things I enjoyed most about Rach’s mindfulness session was learning more about gratitude; how it can help release negative thoughts and shift focus towards the goodness in life.

I’ve already started putting what I learned in Rach’s session into practise and I’ve noticed that it helps me feel calm, relaxed, focused and more positive.

Aligned Melbourne Rachael Kable Mindfulness

The other thing I loved about Rach’s session was seeing her shine.

She’s an incredible woman, a brilliant presenter and such a caring, generous and knowledgeable woman. Hearing her share personal stories of how mindfulness has changed her life was so inspiring and has helped me re-commit to my own self-care and mindfulness practises.

After Rach’s session we took a break for lunch and it was so lovely to see all of our guests talking and getting to know each other.

We refuelled with delicious salads from Elizabeth Andrews Catering (my favourite was pumpkin and prosciutto) and after lunch we enjoyed the most scrumptious, luscious and mouth-watering raw treats, hand made with love by the amazing Georgie from Citizen Cacao. They not only looked incredible but they tasted amazing and I’m making a plan to visit her next time I’m in Melbourne to try the flavours I missed out on at ALIGNED!

Aligned Melbourne Citizen Cacao Raw Desserts

After lunch it was goal rocking time and I took our gorgeous guests through the Rock Your Goals workshop.

My belief about goal setting is that it should be fun, aligned and feel great. It’s all about defining your dreams, claiming them and making them your own.

I also believe in releasing any goals that don’t belong to you or that are motivated by something outside yourself, because often we find ourselves with a bunch of goals that are all about pleasing other people or meeting the expectations or needs of others. So in the Rock Your Goals session our guests spent time figuring out what they want, why they want it, how it looks and what it means to them. We also worked through releasing any goals that didn’t fill them with passion, purpose, excitement and fire, because life’s too short to live someone else’s dreams!

Aligned Melbourne Sarah Jensen Rock Your Goals

One of the things I loved the most about the session was having time to move around the room and talk with each of our lovely guests one on one. It’s really special because it gives me a chance to learn more about each of the amazing women in the room and the goals they’re bringing to life. I always find myself feeling so inspired by the beautiful visions being created in every area of life and business.

Aligned Melbourne Sarah Jensen

We wrapped the afternoon with celebratory party poppers, hugs, warm farewells and lots of gratitude and I can honestly say it was an incredibly special day.

I feel like there aren’t enough words to convey how wonderful the day was.

Watching our guests share moments, smiles and laughs. Seeing them connect, share and encourage each other. Hearing them share stories, experiences and insights with each other. It was just pure magic.

There was so much love in that room – women with open hearts and open minds coming together to do something special for themselves; to give themselves time, space and permission to spend a day designing their future and delving into delicious mindfulness practises to support their self-care. It was so lovely.

Aligned Melbourne Sarah Jensen Windsor Workshop

Thinking back on the event as I write this post the overwhelming feelings for me are love and gratitude.

It took the heart and generosity of so many people to bring the ALIGNED event to life and I couldn’t be more grateful for the way the day turned out.

Our deepest and sincerest thanks go to each and every person, business and brand who helped make ALIGNED Melbourne such a wonderful event:

To The Windsor Workshop for creating such a warm, welcoming space and for your kindness and generosity. You made everything so easy for us and we appreciate you.

To the beautiful Casey from Tillda Flowers for the absolutely stunning blooms that lit up the room with colour and love. You brought all of my favourite flowers together and so generously sent our guests home with flowers from the day. Thank you.

Aligned Melbourne Tillda Flowers

To the amazing Georgie from Citizen Cacao. Your hand crafted mouth-wateringly delicious desserts were devoured with love and gusto. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and passion for raw vegan treats with our guests.

To the incredible, talented and purely delightful Mon from MB Captured, you captured the magic of the day so beautifully (all of the gorgeous shots in this blog post were lovingly taken my Mon). You’re amazing and we appreciate you.

And to our wonderful, generous and oh so ALIGNED guest gift sponsors:

Aligned Melbourne Guest Gifts

Shop for Shops – thank you so much for providing beautiful gift bags for our guests, we’re so grateful to you.

Peppermint Magazine – you’re a celebration of all that’s good in the world and we’re so grateful to you for helping us share your magazine with our guests.

Combardis Elixirs – Your passion, generosity and commitment to the journey of wellbeing is so inspiring and we feel so fortunate to be able to give our guests the gift of your beautiful aromatic mists.

Inspirationery – you truly are so much more than luxurious, sustainable stationery and your work to empower women, create opportunities and transform the world is magnificent. We thank you for donating your beautiful notebooks to share with our guests.

Davroe – so much gratitude to you for sharing your pure, gentle, wonderful hair wellness products with our guests.

Soak Society – for putting a little loving pamper into life and encouraging our gorgeous guests to book in some well-deserved me-time with your irresistible and delicious smelling bath soaks.

Madame Flavour Tea – for your philosophy of connected relationships, contribution and being creative; and for sharing your sweet tea treats with the lovely ladies at ALIGNED.

Aligned Melbourne Sarah Jensen and Rachael Kable

To my incredible, inspiring and amazing co-host and friend Rachael Kable you’re just wow woman. You inspire me

And last, but by no means least, to each and every woman who came along to the ALIGNED Melbourne event, I say thank you. I honour you. I appreciate you. Keep dreaming, keep believing and keep shining your light lovely lady.