Rock Your Goals Podcast episode 71 - Align and attract - with Kerry Rowett

In this episode, Kinesiologist, Reiki master and author, Kerry Rowett teaches us how to align and attract our beautiful business vision.

Kerry explains in plain English what Kinesiology is all about and shares the personal healing experience that inspired her to train as a Kinesiologist.

Kerry shares what it means to live and work in alignment, how to know if you’re out of alignment, and how getting aligned can help you get out of your own way and grow your business in a really joyful and sustainable way.

We explore how to get crystal clear about what you actually want and break out of the push-crash-and-burnout cycle, and Kerry shares some of her go to tips and tools for getting aligned.

If you’ve ever experienced self-doubt, self-judgement, self-sabotage, perfectionism, procrastination, overthinking, overspending, overwhelm or comparison (or if they show up in your business or your heart more than you’d like to admit) this episode is for you.  Kerry’s here to teach us how to rewrite our beliefs and rewire our brain (and our business) for the success you really crave.

So, get your favourite notebook ready and settle in, my friend.  I hope you love it.


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Language note: this episode is clean and contains no swearing/cursing.

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Episode Summary

  • [2:02] Intros and all about Kerry.
  • [4:22] Alignment – what it means, walking your talk and getting clear about what you really want.
  • [5:55] Feel like you’re doing all the things but not getting traction? You’re not alone.  Kerry explains how misalignment shows up in business and how getting honest and going inward can help you move the needle.
  • [10:45] How alignment can help you get out of your own way, stay in your own lane and attract the success you seek.
  • [14:30] Feedback versus failure, becoming objective, and anchoring into your vision and worth (AKA believe in yourself and your mission and stay on your path!).
  • [22:00] Kerry’s experience with kinesiology, the life changing results that propelled her to study and share the modality with others, and how Kerry grew her business as a shy introvert.
  • [26:55] What kinesiology is and how it works (abridged version – it’s aligning to what you really want, removing blocks and unlocking your potential) + how Kerry’s alignment process came to life.
  • [33:30] Harnessing your sensitivity as a positive, stepping out of the push + crash cycle and valuing yourself enough to prioritise self-care.
  • [38:48] The power of self-knowledge and understanding + practical tools to help you move into alignment.
  • [43:55] Setting boundaries, balancing head and heart and creating foundations that help you feel really, really good!
  • [46:40] Letting go of the ‘busy work’, why you don’t have to work 24/7 to be successful, and getting clear on the actions that will drive your business forward.
  • [51:00] Tapping into self-honesty + how to upgrade your beliefs so they help you grow the business of your daydreams.
  • [58:00] A loving message from Kerry, how to connect with her and we wrap with a quick chat about her beautiful book, Align + Attract .
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Quotes From The Episode

Trust yourself and take action.

Kerry Rowett

“Are you taking the actions that will get you the results you crave?”

“Focus on the value you’re providing.”

Do beautiful work and help people get outstanding results.

Kerry Rowett


Journaling Prompts To Ponder

What’s my vision?

How do I want to feel?

What do I really want?

What beliefs would help me bring my dreams + goals to life?

Which of the actions I’m currently taking are driving my business forward?

Want more journaling prompts to play with? Check out Journal to Life here.


Resources We Mention

Kerry Rowett

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+ Virtual high fives to Zhanic whose awesome tune “Lift Me Up” is the intro & outro music for the Rock Your Goals Podcast. It puts a smile on my dial every time I hear it and I hope it gets you grooving in your chair too.