Happiness Is

Yesterday was International Happiness Day and it got me to thinking about doing more of what makes you happy. You know, the simple things in life. And because I love lists and setting myself little challenges, I thought I’d dive into a little bubble of happy and share 53 things that bring happiness into my life.

Why 53?  Why not.  It’s as good a number as any!

I also want to challenge you!

Step one – share one thing that makes you feel divinely, blissfully, stupendously happy in the comments below, and then (and unlike Dude, Where’s My Car? – there IS and “and then”) see if you can create your own list of 53 things that bring you a whole lot of happy.

Here goes…

  1. Freshly baked sourdough bread with butter.
  2. Autumn leaves.
  3. Strawberries straight off the patch.
  4. The sound of rain on the roof.
  5. Fresh sheets (linen).
  6. Stationery (oh how I love stationery).
  7. Book stores and libraries. Ok books in general!
  8. Snail mail and handwritten letters + cards.  Bliss.
  9. Sitting in the shade of a big old tree.
  10. Holding hands with my honey.
  11. Bunny rabbits.
  12. TV marathons and re-watching favourite movies (again, and again, and again).
  13. Feeling the sand between my toes and the waves lapping at my feet.
  14. PJs all day.
  15. Laughing til your face (and your belly) hurts.
  16. Singing loudly.
  17. Dancing badly.
  18. Travelling – all travelling, any travelling, lots of travelling.
  19. Playing on the swings at the playground.
  20. Sleep ins.
  21. The smell and sound and feel of the ocean.
  22. Chocolate (need I say more?).
  23. Time spent with beautiful friends.
  24. Singing the Awesome song with you Mary.
  25. Road trips.
  26. Trees, hills, lakes and forests.  I love ‘getting away from it all’.
  27. Swimming.  It’s so peaceful to me.
  28. Music.  Love. Love. Love music.
  29. Home cooked meals.
  30. Motorbike rides.
  31. Doing silly voices (check out this podcast episode for my impersonation of Cartman’s Mum from South Park).
  32. Writing.
  33. Helping people.
  34. Random acts of kindness.
  35. Friendship.
  36. Learning new things.
  37. Instagram (I can’t get enough of the beautiful photographs!).
  38. Wandering through art galleries.
  39. Trying new things.
  40. My business, clients and incredible community.
  41. Chocolate banana milkshakes.
  42. Carpet picnics.
  43. Meditation.
  44. Yoga.
  45. Treating myself to a massage or facial.
  46. Big mugs of milo.
  47. Reading magazines in the bath.
  48. Room service.
  49. Butterflies.
  50. Our bed (it’s SO comfortable).
  51. Cobblestone streets.
  52. Waterfalls.
  53. Dad jokes (I think they’re hilarious).

Share something that makes you feel happy in the comments below and then go forth and do more of what makes you happy!