Carly Jacobs and Christina Butcher - Little Blog Big
I had the absolute pleasure of spending Saturday at the Little Blog Big Workshop in Adelaide learning from Carly Jacobs of Smaggle and Christina Butcher of Hair Romance. (HUGE thanks go to Sonia Bavistock from Sonia Styling for bringing these girls to Radelaide!)

The day was full of awesome conversations with inspiring people; catching up with old friends, making new ones, laughing at Carly’s jokes, eating ice-cream, drinking wine and learning how to blog like a boss from two of the best in the business.

If you’re a blogger and these awesome ladies visit your city, get along to the workshop. It’s a brilliant day and you’ll learn loads of ways to grow your little blog big. Like these:


Write For Your Audience Not For Yourself

Blogging is a conversation and you need to invite your readers to the table. In whatever you write, there need to be something in it for them – a pearl of wisdom, a simple tip they can use to make life easier or more fun or something they can connect with, talk about or feel part of.


Have A Purpose For Everything You Do

When you sit down to write a blog post or share/schedule posts on social media ask yourself these questions:

*  What’s the point of this post?

*  What is my reader getting out of this?

Write yourself a single sentence that captures the main point you want to make and keep coming back to that. Having that sentence in mind (or somewhere you can see it) as you’re writing will help you stay focused and keep your message simple, clear and concise.

Emma Kate Co Little Blog Big
Pic via the gorgeous Emma Kate Codrington of Emma Kate Co.


Consistency Is King

If you’re building a community you have to show up for them regularly. It’s also really important your community/tribe/peeps know what to expect from you. Take the time to set a schedule for your blog posts, social media posts and newsletters. You can use these questions to help you get clear:

*  How often will I blog and what day(s) of the week will I post?

*  How often will I share on social media, what will I share and what days/times will I share?

Of course there needs to be room for spontaneity but it’s really important that you set clear expectations so people know what to expect and when to check in for your juicy new content.


Be Yourself

Having a point of difference and sharing your uniqueness is so important because ultimately it’s YOU that your audience is connecting with. Your words, your message, your passion – the person you are. Share your story in a way that educates, empowers and entertains your audience. Be generous and kind; share what you’ve learned in a helpful, valuable way and inject a bit of you into everything you do.

Carly Jacobs, Sarah Jensen, Christina Butcher

There’s Room For Everyone

Carly shared an interesting statistic about the internet (yes I said interesting and statistic in the same sentence). Of the people active on the internet 90% view/consume content, 9% interact and only 1% create content. So if you’re a blogger or entrepreneur sharing your awesomeness on the internet, you’re in the 1% baby! And considering how many blogs are out there, it’s a reassuring statistic.

What that means for you is that there plenty of room for everyone to be successful. So if you see someone doing what you want to do or writing about the same topic as you, know this – there’s enough room for everyone.

Here’s an example: Coke and Pepsi both sell cola drinks and they’re both multi-billion dollar companies. What if Pepsi had said “oh, well, Coca Cola are already doing that so we might as well just give up and make candles instead”?

Plus, if you look around your house; in your fridge, in your wardrobe, how many different brands can you see? Do you only shop at one store EVER? As consumers we like variety so if you’re got something worthwhile to share get out there and share it!


Which tip will you use to grow your little blog big? Share in the comments below.


Photograph of Carly & Christina via Little Blog Big.