3 simple ways to manifest more money


Got a goal to grow your income and manifest more money into your business, life and bank account?

Here are three ways you can get your subconscious and the law of attraction on board to help you manifest money asap!

ONE :: Make Space For Money

My favourite way to make room for more money to flow into my world is to clean out my purse.

I go through it and take out any lists, receipts or other paperwork and make sure I action or securely shred each one.

Then I tidy up my notes and coins making sure all the bills are facing the same way and are stored in ascending value order (what can I say? It appeals to the organiser in me!).

If I’ve got a stack of loose change in my purse I’ll gather it up and donate it to a charity collector.

To add a little more positive juju to my purse, I mist it with a little orange essential oil (the oil of abundance) and tuck a small piece of citrine crystal in there too (citrine is great for manifesting abundance and prosperity). 

Hint: do a quick Google search to check if it’s ok to apply essential oil to your purse before you do it and if you’re worried it might damage the fabric, another option is to create your own abundance card by grabbing an inspiring quote card or writing your money affirmation on a blank business card sized piece of card or paper, spritzing it with orange oil and storing it in your purse.

Last but not least, I always have either a $50 or $100 note tucked away in the secret compartment of my purse. It puts me into an abundance mindset and helps me feel like there’s always more than enough money available to me.


Purse and money

TWO :: Thank Your Money

When was the last time you thanked your money? 

Yep it might sound a little woo woo but everything’s energy (money too) and everything is infused with the energy you bring to it. 

So if every time you pay a bill you feel frustrated, full of lack or super resentful, it’s likely you’ll just attract more frustration, lack and resent rather than more money (which is what you really want).

So next time you pay a bill, take a minute before you hit the “pay” button to fill your heart full of as much gratitude as humanly possible. 

Think about the wonderful product or service you’ve received (or will receive) for the money you’re paying.  Think about the person you’re paying and how much you appreciate them.  Or think about how much easier the thing you’ll receive for that payment makes your life or how much joy it brings you or others. 

And if you’re paying something like a parking fine (where it can be harder to tap into gratitude) then maybe you can feel grateful for the experience you had while your car was parked, or you can tap into gratitude for the fact that the fine wasn’t more expensive or your car wasn’t towed. 


It’s not always easy to feel grateful, but there’s always something you can feel grateful for if you look hard enough.


And remember, this tip works a treat whether it’s money coming in or going out.  So next time you receive money from a client, a sale online or any other source, thank not only the money but the person paying you.  And thank or bless your money when you pay for something so you’re sending money out into the world with good vibrations and loving gratitude.

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THREE :: Tap To Receive Money

Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a great way to release money blocks and open up to receiving a greater flow of income and wealth into your world.

It’s a process where you tap on different pressure points on your face and body as you express your thoughts, feelings or desires about money (or any goal you have). 

You can check out a demonstration of tapping and follow along with a tapping video to become a magnet for money here.

Whether you follow along with a video on YouTube or you freeform tap, it’s a fantastic way to shift blocks and change your energy around money while you bring attention to what it is you really want.

I love to freeform tap where I tap on the side of my hand (also known as the karate chop point) while I voice what I want and desire off the top of my head.  I often find I start by expressing my current money goals but if I keep going, feelings and thoughts will come up around blocks I might have to receiving money and I can tap them out and release them.


Image from Total Health Concepts who’ve shared a great article about EFT


Sometimes when I hit on a big block, I start yawning as I release the energy!  It’s a fun process and I love it because you can personalise it so much.

Try the money magnet video by one of my favourite tapping guides, Brad Yates, if you’re new to tapping and then let yourself groove to your own tapping beat from there.

I tap regularly on money goals and blocks, and even though it feels simple, I find it so powerful for shifting stuff that’s holding me back and up-levelling my energy and income.  And if you want to amplify things and get results fast – tap daily for 10 days and watch as things start to flow for you!


Ok lovely, now it’s your turn – what’s your go to ritual for attracting more money into your business, life and bank account?  I’d love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below.



P.S. working on your money mindset? You might like to tap into the power and magic of these affirmations to welcome wealth and abundance into your world.