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Goal setting isn’t just about ticking things off a list, it’s about achieving the things in life that inspire you and help you feel fulfilled, passionate and empowered.

In this inspired goal setting workshop we’ll work together so you can set goals that YOU are excited about. You’ll get clear on what you want and how you want to feel. Whatever your goals – to start or build your biz, get out of debt, love yourself more, learn a language, book your dream holiday, or bring your dreams to life, we’ll get specific, break it down and make it easy for you to step out of overwhelm and self-sabotage and start kicking ass.

Rock Your Goals - Group Shot - Amy Agnew Photography

I’d definitely recommend Rock Your Goals. Sarah shared so much wisdom that has helped me organise my life and I’m now clearer on what I want to achieve in my business.~Erica Sandgren


We’ll walk through the process together, step by step, so you can rock YOUR goals. You’ll learn how to:

Get clear on what you want and how you want to feel.

Set goals that excite you and get you pumped to take action.

Identify your starting point and all the tools you already have to help you on your way.

Make your goals easy to achieve by breaking them down into delicious bite sized pieces.

Overcome roadblocks, self-sabotage and overwhelm along the way.

Fan the flames of motivation to keep you on track.

Take consistent, inspired and focused action towards making your dreams come true.


This is for you if:

Rock Your Goals is an intimate evening of inspired action in a safe and creative space. It’s for big hearted just like you who want to step out of ordinary, boring or wanting more and live their dreams. You can expect community, connection, empowerment, laughter, learning and fun.


What to Expect:

My aim for Rock Your Goals is to create an inspiring, empowering + fun evening filled with goodness and gorgeous gifts from beautiful brands. You’ll be part of a wonderful group of like-minded women (to keep it intimate and create a safe, supportive space, tickets are limited to under 20 guests), exploring goal rocking together in a lovely, creative space.

You can expect delicious food, a goal rocking workbook which is yours to keep + generous gifts from amazing brands. At past events Rock Your Goals has been supported by amazing people + businesses like Collective Magazine, Pana Chocolate, Thankyou, Grill’d Burgers, Davroe hair care, Empower Avenue, Jurlique, Envirosax, RAW chocolate, East End Flower Market, Amy Agnew Photography, MB Captured, Combardis Elixirs, Madame Flavour Tea, Tillda Flowers, Inspirationery, Peppermint Magazine, Soak Society and more.

Want to see Rock Your Goals in action? Check out the wrap up from Rock Your Goals round 1 HERE, Round 2 HERE and the ALIGNED Melbourne workshop HERE including lots of beautiful photos of the event.


What People Are Saying:


It was the perfect balance of information and inspiration in a calm, caring environment. Leaving the workshop I felt motivated and excited; ready to start taking steps to reach my goals!~Kate Lawrence


I really loved the workshop, meeting the other incredible women and of course meeting you. The workshop was inspiring and got me thinking in a new way about goal setting- just what I needed.” ~Kathryn Mroczek


Before Rock Your Goals I was feeling anxious and deflated because I wasn’t achieving what I wanted, but the workshop blew me away! Not only did I get to focus on my goals and get clear on my vision – I got an experience. I highly recommend the workshop – the night was amazing and the people were so lovely. Since then I’ve taken so much more action and I have my momentum back.~Jessica Anwyl


Thank you Sarah for a great workshop! It was nice to sit back, slow down and review my goals with intention and clarity.” ~Lisa Morris


Goal Rockers Krista and Camille

I really feel that I’m turning the corner and embarking on something new and exciting!” ~Krista Kennedy


Thank you so much for a brilliant workshop last week. It was an absolute delight to meet you and such a fabulous bunch of women. Thank you for welcoming me into the wonderful world of goal rocking, you are an inspiration.~Erin Fraser


Goal Rockers Bernni and Jessica

You made me realise more than ever that I’m allowed to do whatever I want, to be whoever I want to be.” ~Bernni Jackson


What a great night thank you! I went with my friend Nikki and going to this night made us talk all the way home about change and what we’re struggling with, but instead of whingeing and leaving it there, how to fix it, change it. Thank you!” ~Meagan Steele


Goal Rockers Guadalupe, Sarah, Jessica and Renee

Rock Your Goals could not have come at a better time for me – I really just needed to hear someone say that it’s ok to not do everything at once. It’s also great to be reminded that I’ve already achieved certain goals and I’m already doing it. Sarah helped me reset my thinking and I woke up the next day feeling recharged with a fire in my belly!” ~Sarah Murphy


I found the workshop really enlightening! It made me see goals in general differently and I have already talked to my sister about what I learned and she has found that so helpful.” ~Emily Sherpa


I really loved the workshop, it was so great to have some time to focus on myself with a clear head and a bit of encouragement!” ~Sarah Imgraben


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