Have you ever thought, “What do I really want from my life?”, or wondered why you never got around to making your vision for your life a reality?

If you’re at a turning point in your life, ready to make things happen, start something new (even if feels frightening), and just don’t know how to get started – then you’re in the right place.

If you’re searching for guidance from someone who gets it, who knows how to move through the mess, self-doubt and fear to “make it happen”, then I should introduce myself.

I’m Sarah Jensen and helping women achieve their goals is what I do best.

Being Yourself, Achieving Your Goals

Playing a Lesser Part in Your Own Life

It’s amazing for me to reflect on my past and realize how much I self-sabotaged. I tried to ‘fit in’ and fit myself in a box that society made for me. I followed the path I thought I was supposed to follow, and tried to be what I believed everyone expected me to be.

I played the chameleon, playing a different role for every person I knew… and I was miserable doing it.

The biggest a-ha moment of my life was that I was not only allowed to do what I wanted to do, but that it would make me happy.

That by simply being me, I could feel strong, confident and help other people do the same.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you feel like you’re living life on autopilot, or playing a cameo role in someone else’s story?

I get it.

Your Starring Role

I want to make it clear, it’s perfectly ok to be there for family and friends when they need you, but you must remember, you should never have to sacrifice your life and your dreams.

You only have one life to live, and if you’re going to be the star of your life, you need to accept a few truths:

1 – You are destined to live your dreams.

2 – You deserve to Rock Your Goals and bring them to life.

3 – You must make yourself a priority (and it’s possible to do that without living in a perpetual state of guilt).

4 – Your success doesn’t have to mean that others fail.

5 – Undervaluing yourself doesn’t benefit anyone – you, your family and friends, or the amazing people in the world who need you and your message.

Your Support Team

As women, we’re so good at supporting others, putting ourselves second and helping others shine first, but imagine what we could do if we helped each other to live our dreams and achieve our goals?

That’s my passion, my purpose and my MISSION.

I’m here to help you shine. To live the life you really want in a way that feels amazing to you.

It’s about breaking down the barriers, tearing apart the box and rewriting the rules so you can live your life your way, on your terms. To love yourself and love your life.

I support amazing women just like you in life and in business.

Here’s how.

Sarah Jensen - Internationally Certified and Award Winning Life Coach

Sarah Jensen - internationally certified and award winning business coach