Sarah Jensen coaching for female entrpreneurs

I’m Sarah Jensen and I help women rock their goals.

Whatever it is you want to achieve in your business or life, I’m here to help.

Not sure where to start? No problem!

Got one big idea you’re ready to rock? Let’s do it!

Drowning in ALL OF THE IDEAS and just need some clarity? I hear you and I can help.

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So why would you want a coach like me in your business?

Imagine having another person in your biz who:

:: loves it as much as you do.
:: wants you to succeed as much as you do.
:: will help you design a life + biz you love.
:: will keep you accountable + motivated.
:: is a total ideas maven who you can have amazing brainstorming sessions with.
:: will be your BIGGEST cheerleader, always at the ready with loads of virtual hugs + high fives.
:: will help you achieve all of the incredible stuff you’re dreaming of + make sure you feel totally supported.
:: will help you feel inspired, excited and totally unstuck so you can make BIG progress.

That’s what coaching with me is like!

I’m 100% here for you and I want to help you build a business you love.

Sarah Laurence

Here’s what I KNOW:

You are awesome. YES, you are!

You can have, do, be, create and achieve ANYTHING you want in life. (Yes – that high paying freedom business that brings you joy, fun, passion, purpose, confidence and fulfilment IS possible).

You + Me working together = pure unstoppable dynamite!
Testimonial - Michelle Wisdom Ellis

Want to know what’s possible?

Here’s what some of my incredible clients have achieved:

  • Launched their website + hit publish on their first blog post.

  • Taken their podcast to number one in their category on iTunes.

  • Launched a successful eMagazine.

  • Created and launched kick ass online courses.

  • Designed + hosted sold out workshops.

  • Worked with their dream brands and become brand ambassadors.

  • Been published on the Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Tiny Buddha, the Elephant Journal + more.

  • Built highly successful Facebook groups.

  • Landed their first clients + filled their client books.

And so much more.


Kylie Aloi - Be Present Coaching

And here are some of the goals I’ve rocked since I started my business in 2014:

  • Been published on the Huffington Post, Blog Society, the Elephant Journal, in ROOOAR Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine, become a feature writer for Event Head Magazine + more.

  • Created and hosted the award winning Rock Your Goals workshop + this year I’m taking it on a national tour around Australia.

  • Been interviewed on writing, goal rocking, hosting sold out workshops and authentic living.

  • Launched the iTunes New and Noteworthy podcast “Rock Your Goals” – interviews with amazing female entrepreneurs where we share tips, truths and personal stories to help you rock your biz.

  • Worked with incredible brands like the Collective Magazine, Thankyou Group, Pana Chocolate, RAW Chocolate, Grill’d Burgers, Soak Society, Davroe hair care + more.

  • Learned from amazing coaches + mentors like Rachel MacDonald, Tara Bliss, Jade McKenzie from Event Head, Carly Jacobs from Smaggle, New York Times Best Selling author Christina Butcher, the ProBlogger himself Darren Rowse, Sarah Von Bargen, Melyssa Griffin, Blog Society, Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business, Roooar Magazine creator Anna Dower, Kimra Luna, Leonie Dawson, Nikki Elledge-Brown and master biz maven, Marie Forleo.

  • Filled my coaching books with clients I love working with.

  • Created and launched the super successful online course Rock Your Goals.

Megan Gogoll - The Anxious Poet

This is all about YOU. Living your life, your way on your terms.

Designing the life you want and then getting out there and rocking it!

Sounds pretty great right?

Rachael Kable - Host of The Mindful Kind Podcast



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