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Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 27 – 5 Minute Biz Builder Tip with Rachel Gadiel

Rachel Gadiel - Dream Create Do

Welcome to another episode of the 5 Minute Biz Builder Series. It’s like 5 minute abs, but for your business and in each episode I’ll be sharing quick fire tips from myself and my amazing guests to help you build a business you love (that loves you back) without going broke or burning out in the process.

Today I’m talking with designer and digital stylist extraordinaire Rachel Gadiel from Dream Create Do.

Rachel has shared her tips to help you work in your business, rather than on your business and how to make the most of your time.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 13 – Christina Butcher

Christina Butcher Hair Romance

Today I’m talking with the beautiful, Christina Butcher of Hair Romance.

Christina’s a super successful blogger and business woman who runs not one, but three amazing businesses.

She’s the Hair behind Hair Romance, has a fantastic travel and lifestyle blog with her husband Jim called Mr and Mrs Romance and she’s co-creator of the Little Blog Big workshop series with the gorgeous Carly Jacobs of Smaggle.

Today we’re talking about creating community, building an audience and growing your social media presence plus Christina shares her tip for kicking procrastination in the pants.

She shares how having a routine can actually increase your creativity and how setting boundaries and looking after herself have helped her become even more productive.

We’re also talking about why ditching the day job doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more done in your business and the fact that you can do everything, you just can’t do it all at once.

Christina’s shared some really fantastic tips today to help you stay balanced while you build your blog or business plus some really simple things you can do to stay focused and up your productivity. I’m so excited to talk with her today and I just know you’re going to love it.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 10 – Chloe Wigan

Chloe Wigan - One Infinite Life

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Chloe Wigan from One Infinite Life.

Chloe is a life coach and writer with a background in psychology and her mission is to inspire young women to step into their power and transcend what they think is possible.

We’re talking about working through the fear of putting your name and face out there online, how to stop obsessing over your stats and why being online is one heck of a crazy fun experiment.

Chloe shares her tips for ditching distractions and getting more done, plus we’re talking about why you don’t have to say yes to everything no matter how new you are in the game.

I’ve shared why I deleted 75% of the content on my website recently, why it’s ok to write about anything and everything when you’re first starting out, why there’ll never be a perfect time to start and how you can harness the power of imperfect action and gratitude to create a life and a business that you love.

Today’s episode is a whole lot of fun. We’re sharing loads of wisdom, there’s a few laughs, there’s plenty of insights and personal stories. I hope you love it.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 7 – Tahlia Meredith

Tahlia Meredith - Rock Your Goals the Podcast
Today I’m talking with productivity maven and Virtual Assistant extraordinaire Tahlia Meredith.

We’re talking about how to make networking and marketing easy, why you don’t need the perfect elevator pitch to win people over and the secret tip about scheduling that no one tells you.

Tahlia shares a tonne of amazing tips, tools and tech to help you lower your stress levels and totally max out your productivity, plus we’re helping you own your inbox and we’re talking about why having a life away from the computer is one of the most important things that you can do to build your business.

Tahlia is a total productivity maven and there are so many awesome tips in today’s episode that are going to totally help you rock your business. I hope you enjoy the episode, and if you’re enjoying Rock Your Goals the podcast, subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you don’t miss an episode.

Curated – July 2015

Curated July 2015

Curated is a collection of all the interesting, inspiring and insightful articles I’ve come across during the month.

This month find out why giving up can be a good thing, find out why lavender oil isn’t just for nannas and learn why ditching one word can make a big difference to your mindset.

So find your favourite spot to get comfy, settle in and enjoy!


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