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Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 25 – A Tribute to Clare Greig

Clare Greig

A beautiful member of the coaching community I’m part of, Clare Greig, passed away on Monday and I feel deeply called to share about the tragic loss and celebrate the life of this amazing woman.

Warm, loving, caring, genuine, soulful, musical, graceful, strong, inspiring. Clare was an amazing woman, mother, coach, friend who left a little magic in the lives of everyone she met.

We’d crossed paths online and off through the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, and while we didn’t know each other that well, her death has hit me hard. Clare was pure light and love and joy.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 18 – Kate Byrne

Kate Byrne

Today I’m talking with the always awesome Kate Byrne from Betty Means Business. Kate’s a business coach, consultant and blogger who loves roller derby, Japanese food and 80s movies and she’s also an absolute gun at being totally booked out.

In today’s episode we’re talking about letting your personality shine through, accountability and how it can help you get shit done and why you need to ask your audience what it is that they really want. Plus, Kate shares her incredible expertise and delicious, juicy tips to help you connect with your ideal clients, craft the perfect offerings and fill your calendar full of appointments with clients you absolutely love.

There’s so much goodness in this episode I know you’re gonna love it!

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