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Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 33 – Embracing Your Bravery with Jarka Kunova

Jarka Kunova - Designed By Life

Today I’m talking with the wonderful Jarka Kunova.

Jarka is a life and business coach, a business mentor, writer and speaker.

Through her wonderful website, Designed By Life, she shares her mission to help people live life on purpose.

In this episode we’re talking about how embracing your bravery and being guided by your intuition allows you to follow your dreams.

We’re also talking about self-awareness, how to think, feel and create in your zone of genius, plus why there’s nothing wrong with having a day job and a business at the same time and how to create an authentic personal brand.

It’s a juicy episode today, filled full of goodness to help you balance your life and business, and also how to create and connect authentically. I hope you love it.


Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 17 – Vienda Maria

Vienda Maria

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Vienda Maria.

Vienda’s a mentor for spirited women who believe that freedom is the driving force behind their most courageous, adventurous and game-changing moves.

We’re talking about being authentic online, creating a connected and engaged community, reconnecting with your intuition and how to find your groove in business.

Plus Vienda shares her tips for aligning your beliefs and desires, mastering your money mindset and releasing the blocks and resistance around getting what you really want.

This episode’s full of goodness to help you ditch the pushing and striving and build a business you love from a place of ease, flow and most importantly fun! I hope you enjoy it.

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