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Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 9 – Kylie Aloi

Kylie Aloi of Be Present Coaching on Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Kylie Aloi.

She’s a Coach, Writer and Speaker who helps women tune out the noise and tune into themselves.

We’re talking about ditching the shoulds in life, creating space for creativity, the perception of success and why we often teach what we need to learn in life.

There’s also a bit of a Sarah rant about the crappy courses and dodgy dealers who promise the world and don’t deliver, why you don’t need a degree or piece of paper to rock your goals and we have a really honest discussion about depression, anxiety and mental illness and how it doesn’t have to define you or hold you back.

I’m really excited about today’s episode and I hope it inspires you to reach for the stars.

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