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Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 6 – Rachael Kable

Rachael Kable

Today I’m talking with mindfulness mentor Rachael Kable about goal setting, getting aligned, beating procrastination and blazing your own trail.

Rachael shares some of her personal mindfulness practises to help you keep your balance while you build a business and we’re reclaiming and renaming the niche to something so much sweeter.

I hope you enjoy the episode, and if you’re enjoying Rock Your Goals the podcast, subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you don’t miss an episode.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 5 – Suzanne Chadwick

Suzanne Chadwick - The Connection Exchange

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Suzanne Chadwick from the Connection Exchange. Suze is a business coach, a branding maven and a self-confessed strategy geek, and she owns the heck out of it. Suze is amazing at what she does. I adore her and I absolutely love talking with her.

Today we’re talking about everything from getting clear on your vision, creating a brand around you and your story, ditching comparison, finding your people and giving it a red hot dip.

There’s so much juicy goodness in today’s episode, and be sure to listen out for the blooper! It was too funny to edit out and seriously, it’s so completely what this podcast is all about. It’s real stories, real conversations and real advice from real people about real world business.

I really hope you enjoy the episode. There are plenty of laughs and loads of fantastic tips in there for you.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 4 – Roxanne Ford

Roxanne Ford

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Roxanne Ford. She’s a writer, entrepreneur and charity advocate who runs a thriving online support website called Baby Mamas which inspires, informs and provides a wonderful support network for young mums.

Rox is leading by example and showing women and young mums everywhere what’s possible. We’re talking about going with the flow and letting your business evolve, how to get back on the path when it’s feeling hard, why done is better than perfect and how none of us really know what we’re doing when we start a blog or business. We’re also talking about how she deals with “mummy guilt” and has built a thriving online empire based on kindness and generosity.

We’re going to talk truths, we’re going to have some laughs and I hope you enjoy this episode.

Comparison & Why It Can Be A Total Suck-Fest

Stop comparing yourself to others

This blog post started out as a ‘note to self’ that I recorded on my mobile phone – a “Sarah, don’t forget” reminder that I wanted to write a blog post about comparison.

That recording turned into a 5 minute long rant about how much of a suck-fest comparison can be and, since a lot of the audio was me rambling non-sensically, I thought I’d spare you the listening pleasure and share my thoughts here instead…


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