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Rock Your Goals Sarah Jensen

Hi gorgeous goal rocker!

Got big dreams but no idea how to get there?

Feeling lost or in a rut?

Not achieving the things you want in life?

Rock Your Goals Online is for you.

Chloe Wigan – One Infinite Life

Here’s how we roll…


Access to Rock Your Goals online for the life of the course. Yep, that’s right! As long as I’m running Rock Your Goals online you’ll be invited to join me each time there’s a live round.

You’ll receive 12 delicious emails filled with goal rocking goodness direct to your inbox over 4 weeks. Each email will spell out the process step by step with one activity in each email.

Simple, easy to follow PDF worksheets with all the information you need to complete the exercise each day. These worksheets will walk you through the process with clear explanations, examples you can relate to + space to write all your incredible goals, dreams and ideas.

Supportive + fun audio files each day to guide you on your goal rocking journey.

Access to the private Rock Your Goals Facebook group. This is where the magic happens and you can share with + support your fellow goal rockers. This will be your safe space where you can ask questions, share ideas, connect with accountability buddies and celebrate with people who are on the same journey as you. As with the course, access to the Facebook group is for the lifetime of the course.



Emma Fletcher - This True North


In this 4 week course, we’ll work together so you can get crystal clear about what you want and how you want to feel.

You’ll have the chance to dig deep and unearth all those amazing dreams and desires you’ve been burying for far too long.

We’ll work together to create a roadmap you can follow step by step as you rock your goals and create the kick ass life you’ve been longing to live.


Vanessa Vickery - Becoming Ness

I want you to give yourself permission right now to dive into this like a kid on Christmas Eve!

Get excited, let go of limitations, throw sensibility out the window and have fun with this. This is your chance to shine a light on all those amazing things you’ve always wanted to have, do, be, feel, own and achieve.

If you want a 10 foot tall purple giraffe with yellow spots and a matching one for your best friend, then put it on the list! Let yourself go crazy with this and come at it with all the excitement and possibility of a five year old.

No limits, no restrictions – just YOU taking time out for yourself, embracing what you want, letting go of what you don’t and getting clear on what it means to live your life, your way, on YOUR terms.

Rachael Kable

Here’s what some of the gorgeous goal rockers have achieved so far:

Created and launched their coaching services

Reached number 1 in their category on iTunes (Podcast)

Monetised their blog + started working with brands

Launched an online magazine

Written + launched their beautiful eBook for sale

Reconnected with their creativity

Started planning a fabulous family holiday

Started their business

Left a soul destroying job for something more inspiring

Planned + hosted their first workshop

Hosted their first online training event

Been published on some of the BIG sites

And so much more


Plus, goal rocker Rachael Kable has shared her goal rocking experience in this blog post.

And goal rocker Lauren Hunt has shared her goal rocking experience in this blog post.

And goal rocker Mandi Kontos has shared her goal rocking experience in this blog post.


What goal will YOU rock?




Nichola Veitch

What would I know about goal rocking? Great question!

I’ve lived a bit of a rollercoaster of a life – some amazing ups and a whole lotta downs. I felt depressed, hopeless and stuck for years. I worked jobs I hated and I figured I was destined to be one of those people whose 9 to 5 funded the fun in my life (but the fun only started once the clock hit 5!). It was ok and the bills were getting paid, but I never felt excited about my life.


I wanted more, I just didn’t know exactly what ‘more’ meant.


What I did know is that I wanted to feel inspired. I wanted to make a difference and I didn’t want anyone telling me what to do anymore.

I got tired of ‘fitting in’, of doing what everyone expected and always choosing the safe option. It sucked! It was exhausting and anything but fulfilling. So I started searching – online, offline, inside and outside of myself for answers, for a way to love myself and live the kick ass life I always wanted. Lo and behold, one day I found it!

The answer, my friend, is to get really honest about what you love and rock that goal with all you’ve got!


Katie Tymms


I’ve poured all my learnings into this course.

I’ll guide you step by step, day by day through the exact process I use so you can get really clear about what you want and why you want it.

We’ll make sure you’re setting goals that are aligned with how you want to feel and we’ll break your goals down into easy to achieve bite sized pieces that are so delicious you won’t want to wait to get started!


Here’s what I believe:

You deserve to rock your goals and love your life (Yes. You. Do. – No arguments).

Deep down you know what you want, you’ve just spent a long time meeting everyone else’s needs or living other people’s dreams but here’s the deal – ‘Life’s too short to live other people’s dreams’! (It really is).

Goal rocking is meant to be easy (that’s why this course is short, sweet and straight to the point! You’ve got a life to live while you bring all these beautiful dreams to life).

Being happy and living YOUR version of an awesome life can be true for you, you just have to go for it!

Celebrating yourself is an absolute must and we’ll be doing plenty of it during this course.





Q :: Will I have lifetime access to the course?

A :: Yes. For as long as Rock Your Goals is running you’ll have access to the course and the Facebook group. You’ll be invited by email to join each live round as it happens and you’ll have access to any updates or improvements to the course.


Q :: I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

A :: I’ve made this course as easily accessible and affordable as possible, because I genuinely want you to create a kick ass life you love. Therefore, this is a non-refundable purchase, except where required by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Law. As the lovely Leonie Dawson says, when you invest in yourself and your amazing life with this product, your purchase is final.


Q :: Who is this course for?

A :: Sorry gents, but this course is for the ladies only! Rock Your Goals is for women all over the world with big hearts and big dreams who want guidance, support and some practical how to’s to bring those dreams to life. Whether you’re a blogger, business maven, creative, mother, dreamer or entrepreneur, this course is designed to help you get crystal clear about what you want and we’ll work together, side by side to help you step into your awesome power and rock the heck out of your goals.


Q :: Who isn’t this course for?

A :: If you’re not ready to be honest, ditch the excuses and take action, or you want someone else to do the work for you, then this course probably isn’t for you. I work with women who are ready to take life to the next level, who want to say yes to themselves and to making their dreams a reality. I’m here to guide, support, cheerlead and help you kick butt as you bring your dreams to life!


Q :: What can I expect from the course?

A :: You’ll receive 4 emails per week which will be chock full of goal rocking goodness. Each email will contain a goal rocking lesson, beautifully designed PDF workbook which you can print or complete on your computer, tablet or phone, plus an audio file where I’ll share the day’s tips, tools and cool stuff to help you make your goals your reality. Emails will land in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 weeks.


Q :: What should I expect in the Facebook Group? Do I post my answers each day or will there be prompts?

A :: During the ‘live’ part of the course there will be an inspiring quote posted each morning (Adelaide time) to get you thinking. There will also be a ‘share your thoughts’ post each evening so you can share your learings, thoughts, a-ha moments or feelings about the day’s lesson. You’re also very welcome to dive on in and write your own post about your learnings, to ask questions or share your experiences so don’t feel like you have to wait for the daily prompts.

In between live rounds of the course, there will be accountability posts each Mondays so you can set mini goals for the week ahead and there will be a thread each Friday where you can celebrate any wins from the week. There will also be regular goal setting tips, inspirational quotes and Q&A sessions.


Q :: I’ve got more questions! Where can I contact you?

A :: Please feel very welcome to email me at sarah{at} with any questions you have about the course.

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