Welcome to the Life + Biz Builder Mini Masterclasses my friend!
I’ve designed these Mini Masterclasses to give women just like you the tips, tools, tricks and truths you need to build a business and life you love (that loves you back) without going broke or burning out in the process.

With each Mini Masterclass, we’re going to dive in to an area of your life or business and help you absolutely ROCK it.
As caring, creative women who want to make a difference, we’re all facing similar struggles online and offline like:

  • Trying to grow an engaged community.
  • Feeling confident enough to share ourselves and our message online.
  • Social media and all of the time, energy and effort it takes to keep sharing what we’re doing.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated but wanting to tap back into the passion and fun that got us started in the first place.
  • How to create products and services that grab the attention of our dream clients.
  • Money – earning it, asking for it, managing it and owning it.
  • Marketing – when, where, how, how often and the resistance that comes up when we think about it.
  • Blogging – what to write, when to write it, where to share it and what people really want to read.
  • Next levelling your business with things like podcasting, workshops and in person events, guest posting, owning your expert status and collaborating with brands, bloggers and business women + men you admire.
  • Trying to create a self-care routine that doesn’t suck.
  • Looking after yourself, staying healthy, happy and keeping your balance while you juggle life, family, business, your day job and all of the other things competing for your time, energy and attention.


As women in business we’re trying to do ALL OF THE THINGS (and if possible we’d like them done yesterday).

We set huge goals.

We have high standards.

We want to make a difference, earn great money, work for ourselves, run our own lives and calendars, have more freedom, fun, choice and connection in our lives and we’re trying to build it all, single handed.

Not any more.

I want you to know that you’re not alone.

I’m here for you and we’re going to rock the shiz out of your life + biz together.

Master Your Money Mini Masterclass - Sarah Jensen