Jaclyn Carlson
JACLYN CARLSON :: Blog Society

Sarah is one of the most genuine, talented and business savvy women in our industry.

Not only is she making waves in the digital world but she’s doing it in a way that is marked with honesty, integrity and the necessary dose of humour.

She’s a breath of fresh air and a dream to work with.



Rachael Kable
RACHAEL KABLE :: The Mindful Kind

I found Sarah when I was in a very vulnerable and overwhelmed stage, both in life and business. She had such a beautiful energy and offered her support from the moment we first spoke and I knew that coaching with her would be transformative, engaging and fun (which it absolutely was!).

What I didn’t expect was how much I would look forward to each session and how much I would learn about myself and my business, every single time these sessions took place.

From realising that my goals weren’t aligned with what I actually wanted in life, to finally having someone I could be honest with about everything and still have her complete support, coaching with Sarah was everything I hoped for and so much more.

There aren’t enough words to describe how incredible Sarah is as a coach, a friend and a person, but I can absolutely say that if you want to understand yourself and your business more, experience the most beautiful support you could imagine, be asked the important questions (which you won’t even know are super important until she asks you!) and gain new perspectives, insights and ideas, then coaching with Sarah is definitely for you.



Sarah Laurence
SARAH LAURENCE :: Sarah Evelyn

Sarah not only provided me with encouragement and support, but I was blown away by her incredibly useful practical suggestions, real-life contacts and ideas, and single-minded focus on the aspects of my business with which I needed help.

She is able to take what you haphazardly present, plus all of your wish-list ideas, and carve out a clear-minded strategy with you that contains bite-sized actionable items.

I’ll definitely be working with her again in the future!



Fayann DSouza
FAYANN D’SOUZA :: Chutzpah Creative

Sarah’s encouraging presence and thoughtful conversation is her gift. I was so grateful to be able to have her hold space for me when I was in a space of huge change professionally. Her words are grounding and she truly, sincerely wishes for your highest good.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, take it & she’ll dive in with you, deep. You’ll savour every single moment, and it’ll leave you inspired and ready for action.



Roxanne Ford
ROXANNE FORD :: Baby Mamas

Sarah’s coaching has been instrumental in keeping me motivated and on track.

She went above and beyond what most coaches offer and the goals I’ve accomplished while working with her have blown my mind.

Sarah helped me so much and I can’t recommend her enough.



Steph Demetrious

Sarah is an absolute blessing in my life. I instantly felt nurtured by her loving energy and it was so easy to open up to Sarah in the gorgeous space she held for me. Her honest words come wrapped in so much love and she knows exactly what to say every single time!

Sarah has been there for me through some challenging times as a soulpreneur, and her understanding and insight into my stresses and anxieties were enlightening and uplifting. I feel empowered and like I’ve pushed the ‘reset’ button after time with this divine soul. I’m forever grateful for this earth angel entering my life and I cannot recommend her guidance and support highly enough!



Renee Vos de Wael
RENEE VOS DE WAEL:: Simplicity of Change

A few weeks ago I booked a power session with the beautiful Sarah Jensen because I felt lost and was procrastinating with the things I need to do.

She is a powerhouse and created space to help me:
* switch off the noise.
* ask myself what matters to me.
* know what I believe in.
* let go of fitting into a box or niche and just call it me!

I feel grateful and I have done so much work today. To share a few: unsubscribed from too many newsletters, updated my website, took all the giveaways off my site (they don’t suit me anymore), got my admin organised, got almost a module done for my equine massage course, asked for help and got the kids sorted. All this from having 25 minutes with this amazing coach who definitely rocks goals!



Sarah Bown - Signed by Sez
SARAH BOWN :: Signed By Sez

Sarah is the kind of coach every girl wishes she had. She’s incredibly kind and encouraging, but has just enough sass to kick your ass – even when you don’t realise it’s exactly what you need. She is super down to earth and can sift through all the jargon and walls to see you for who you are and help you turn your weak points into triumphs.

I’m not usually someone that would seek out a personal or business coach but Sarah really got under my skin in the best way possible. A genuinely attentive, supportive person, I’ve got a massive girl crush on this lady – no cookie cutter coaching in sight!



REBECCA WALKER :: Sunny Mondays

Before working with Sarah, I felt overwhelmed and heavily burdened by my to-do list. I had been redesigning my website for 3 months, and there was no end in sight. Every day, more and more items crept onto my task list and it felt completely out of my control. Writing and blogging had lost all its magic and I was doubting whether it was worth the trouble. I had also lost sight of the message that I wanted to share, and any time I sat down to write a blog post it lacked soul and passion. Before my first session with Sarah, I was utterly overwhelmed and close to burnout.

Sarah helped me to see that I was in control of my to-do list. I could choose what I really needed and wanted to achieve before my blog’s relaunch. I’ve learned that making decisions that feel good, paring back your task list, and taking inspired action, will infuse your work with joy. Resistance and overwhelm can be tough, but Sarah showed me strategies that brought ease and focus back into my work. If you’re experiencing any amount of stress or struggle in your creative pursuits, it is vital to go back to basics, to take care of yourself first and to refill your self-love cup so that you have more to give to your work.

Since working with Sarah, I have changed the way I work so that I’m more productive and far less stressed. When I look at my to-do list now, it feels achievable, not impossible. But by far the biggest change I have experienced has been the clarity and sense of purpose that Sarah instilled in me. My message and vision is crystal-clear. I know exactly who I am writing for and I can now proudly say that I have an important and unique message to share with my tribe.

Sarah is a warm and generous soul. She was there for me whenever I had moments of self-doubt and when I felt like giving up. She applauded my wins (no matter how small), and she brought a sense of calm and ease to every coaching session. Now I am only days away from relaunching my blog, and I feel so grateful that Sarah was with me on this journey.



Nichola Veitch

Sarah is a kind and gentle soul. She’s professional, honest, speaks from the heart and is incredibly supportive.

Her words of encouragement were a breath of fresh air and just the right amount of advice, encouragement and reassurance I needed to keep going. She was right there by my side ready to hand out some tough love when needed, and I’ve achieved so much more as a result.

I knew I could share my ideas and concerns without fear of judgement, a wave of enthusiastic loving support was always returned.

I got so much out of each call with Sarah and I was blown away by the support and wisdom that landed in my inbox with each email.

Sarah helped me to have the courage to move beyond my fear and to keep moving forward in the direction of my dreams. I am so very grateful.



Mary Bills
MARY BILLS :: Amuse Creative

Her empathy was always genuine, I never felt judged and I really valued her honesty.

My to-do list is more manageable and my life is MY life again. Couldn’t have done it without you Sarah!



Melanie Pritchard

I had a session with Sarah about how I could develop the vlogging aspect of my coaching business, which I knew little about.

Her advice was invaluable – practical and knowledgeable while really motivating me to develop my business in an area I previously felt very unsure about.

I now feel empowered to give it a go and action the tips she gave me. I would definitely recommend Sarah to friends.



Amanda Rootsey
AMANDA ROOTSEY :: A Modern Girl’s Life

Sarah is someone you instantly feel a connection with from the moment you start to read her story. She’s open and real.

I feel blessed to have connected with her.



Erin Williams
ERIN WILLIAMS :: In Our Stillness

Sarah has created such a inspirational site which is full of love and positivity. I love the messages that she is sharing with the world.

If you want to say ‘yes’ to a life without fear and self-doubts, Sarah has you covered. She generously shares beautiful, heartfelt and realistic tips on self love, building self confidence and living from a place of love.



Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Sarah’s blog is one I frequent often and her words are so uplifting.

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of what Sarah’s doing, and find myself recommending her site to friends and fellow writers often.

I’m excited for what she has in store for readers in the future!



Kylie Aloi
KYLIE ALOI :: Be Present Coaching

I knew having the chance to talk with Sarah was going to really help me figure out what I needed to change in my business.

I felt so comfortable and an immediate ease opening up to her.

In a short space of time she has given me the clarity and encouragement I need to make the changes I’ve been scared to see through. I’m now planning live events, being interviewed and seeking out speaking engagements.



Suzanne Chadwick
SUZANNE CHADWICK :: The Connection Exchange

Sarah has a true passion for supporting others to realise their worth, inner beauty and potential. Her desire to share inspiring words, that of her own as well as others, always draws me back to her website.

Sarah’s energy, support and drive to create meaningful connections with her audience and clients always amaze me. With everything she has, Sarah strives to care for her clients, deliver the best advice and support, and her message of self love, self care and self worth are so needed.

If you’re looking for someone to nurture your spirit and create real change then you’ve come to the right place.



Kris Franken

Sarah is one of the most big-hearted, genuine people you’ll ever meet.

She’s inspired me in more ways than she’ll ever know to be a shinier, prouder, happier version of myself.

I’m in love with her website, her words, the way she gently moves others to step into a place of more confidence and love. I’m so grateful I’ve found her.



Sarah Potter
SARAH POTTER :: Be Healthy Happy You

Sarah is a truly gorgeous, generous and lovely person. She offers never ending support, inspiration and guidance to those who need it. Sarah genuinely cares about others and wants to help you become a brighter, more confident and happy version of yourself.

Through her coaching, website, social media and emails Sarah empowers others to believe in themselves and know that they CAN make it happen, that it IS possible to live that life you’ve been dreaming of for so long. If you want to achieve your goals, become unstuck or just want a hit of positivity, Sarah is the girl to guide you.



Megan Gogoll
MEGAN GOGOLL :: The Anxious Poet

Sarah is one of those rare and very beautiful people you only come across a few times in your life. She is all giving, all-supportive, and truly wants to see you succeed. I love her energy!

Sarah’s enthusiasm and excitement for what she does permeates through everything and its freaking inspiring. She really is such a beautiful gem and I feel super grateful to have her in my life!



Mandi Kontos Dreaming Fully Awake
MANDI KONTOS :: Dreaming Fully Awake

Sarah is a brilliant coach. She is caring, kind and has an aura that will lift you up so high that you’ll think you’re flying.

After any time we chat, I always feel clearer and ready to tackle my goals and life head on. She does wonders for planting those seeds that you need to harvest to bring your full potential to fruition.

She is so good at cheering you on and giving you the right tools to make your life manageable.

I could go on and on about this gorgeous soul, but all you need to know is that you if you trust this amazing being with your vision, she will raise it up, she’ll give you and your idea the love it deserves and there is no better coach to help you and your vision shine bright.