Curated - June 2015

Curated is a collection of all the insightful, inspiring and delicious articles I’ve come across during month.

This month march to the beat of your own drum, do what feels good and learn how to fake a clean house from Chantelle Ellem of Fat Mum Slim + get your tissues ready for a deeply beautiful read as a father shares 10 life insights with his daughters.

So grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy.

Roxanne Ford - Baby Mama
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Katie Dean from Your Wild Life says “Comparison Blows!” and she’s got 3 ways you can end the cycle of comparisonitis.

Sonia Bavistock from Sonia Styling shares what she learned from 5 Remarkable bloggers.

Want to know the single most important lesson you’ll ever learn in business? Read it over at the Connection Exchange.

Bree Hogan’s husband told her to “be less weird“, her response is pure brilliance.

I march to the beat of my own drum. I always have. I bring laughter and light and love into your life. You wouldn’t have it, or me, any other way. ~Bree Hogan

Still miss Sex and the City? Me too. Carly Jacobs from Smaggle shares 15 things you didn’t know about Sex and the City the Movie.

Sex and the City - The Movie
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In this beautiful, heartfelt post a father shares 10 life insights he wants his daughters to know (get the tissues ready for this one).

Chantelle Ellem from Fat Mum Slim shares 35 things she’s learned from her time on Earth so far.

All those things you want to do, you should go do them. ~Chantelle Ellem

I’m a HUGE advocate for self-celebration so this post from Nickie Linaire on how to stop hiding and start shining really resonates.

I’m terrible at packing for holidays so I’ll be tucking this awesome article by Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust up my sleeve for my next holiday!

And sticking with the travel theme (and my current daydreams of white sandy beaches, ocean swimming and lazy afternoons spent at beautiful cafes) is this post from my beautiful friend Emma Kate Codrington – 7 Byron Bay cafes you’ll love.

Emma Kate Co - Byron Bay
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I LOVE this post by Rachel Gadiel about how to get clear on your purpose.

I’m also loving this post from Katie Dean about doing what feels good.

It’s so important that we have the guts to UNAPOLOGETICALLY create a life we love. We need the guts to say NO as well as YES! ~Katie Dean

Want to write blog post titles, headlines and email subject lines that make people go “WHOA!”? Alexandra Franzen shows you how.

Nicole Knox-Gray from A Spectacular Life shares her favourite Apps for making your social media images stand out.

This post from the Fat Mum Slim archives is one I’m glad I found and I know you’ll love it too. It’s called ‘How to Fake a Clean Home’ (because life is for living, not for vacuuming)!

Katie Dean - Do what you love
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The gorgeous Roxanne Ford from Baby Mamas shares 10 myths about being a young mum (I’m not a mum but this lady is so full of love, heart and soul and I’m so happy to have met her that I just had to share her beautiful post).

Feeling creative? A Beautiful Mess shared this awesome idea for home made notepads made from your very own photographs.

Think you need to lose weight, change jobs, have more money and better hair before you can be happy? Sarah Potter has something to say about that and it goes like this…

Everything you need, you have RIGHT NOW ~Sarah Potter

If you need to prioritise self-care, check out these 5 self-care tips for busy women from Star Despres.

And since it’s winter here in Adelaide and I’m LOVING hearty, warming soups, here’s a link to Jamie Oliver’s soup recipes page (well, you try choosing just one!!).

Roxanne Ford - Baby Mamas

Pic via Roxanne Ford of

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