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Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 4 – Roxanne Ford

Roxanne Ford

Today I’m talking with the beautiful Roxanne Ford. She’s a writer, entrepreneur and charity advocate who runs a thriving online support website called Baby Mamas which inspires, informs and provides a wonderful support network for young mums.

Rox is leading by example and showing women and young mums everywhere what’s possible. We’re talking about going with the flow and letting your business evolve, how to get back on the path when it’s feeling hard, why done is better than perfect and how none of us really know what we’re doing when we start a blog or business. We’re also talking about how she deals with “mummy guilt” and has built a thriving online empire based on kindness and generosity.

We’re going to talk truths, we’re going to have some laughs and I hope you enjoy this episode.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 3 – Bree Hogan

Bree Hogan - Rock Your Goals the Podcast

Today I’m talking with the amazing and inspiring Bree Hogan from Starbrite Warrior.

Bree is a writer, speaker and health coach who lives with an auto-immune disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome, but not only does she not let it define her, she’s owning the heck out of it, reclaiming her health and her life, and building an amazing blog + health business.

We’re talking about why your niche isn’t the be all and end all, how your ‘why’ will keep you going when the going gets tough and why taking time off is key for your business and your sanity. We’re also talking self-care that doesn’t suck, setting boundaries in life and business and how you can tap into your biggest resource – yourself – to thrive and shine online.

I’m really excited to talk with Bree (and boy can we talk! It’s a long one today but there’s loads of juicy goodness in there for you) and I hope you enjoy the episode.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 2 – Jade McKenzie

Jade McKenzie

Today I’m talking with the gorgeous Jade McKenzie from Event Head. She’s an event professional, coach and creator of Event Head Magazine. She’s also the power pack of knowledge who helped me make the first Rock Your Goals Workshop so absolutely incredible.

I love working with Jade and I’m really excited to talk with her today. We’re going to talk about everything from finding what you love in your business to keeping your balance and keeping it fun, as well as how to start creating your own amazing events and workshops to take your business to the next level. So sit back, relax and enjoy this interview. Jade has some beautiful insights and information to share and I just know you’re going to love it.

Rock Your Goals The Podcast : Episode 1 – Katie Dean

Rock Your Goals Episode 1

Today I’m talking with the amazing Katie Dean from Your Wild Life.  She’s a writer, speaker, coach, motivator, mamma and mindset maven.

We’re talking about everything from self-doubt and self-sabotage to building your confidence, rocking your goals, loving your life and also how to do a bit of loving self-pruning; not having to say yes to everything, claiming your own definition of success and really tapping into what makes you feel amazing.  We’re going to talk feelings, we’re going to have some fun and I really hope you enjoy the interview.

Rock Your Goals Adelaide – November Workshop Wrap Up

Rock Your Goals

Wow! What a night.


I had the pleasure and privilege of sharing Wednesday night with an amazing, inspiring and beautiful group of women at the Rock Your Goals Adelaide workshop.


Each and every one of the incredible ladies who came along showed up for themselves and each other. They shared, they laughed and they left having done something special for themselves; they gave themselves permission to hit “pause” for an evening and dig deep into what they want from their life and how they want to feel.


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