Hey there dream chaser,

Looking for something?


Your purpose?

A way to make a difference AND make money, without selling your soul?

I get it.

And I see you.

You’re kind, caring, and want to help others.

You’re a giver (and you have loads to give) but sometimes you don’t see your own brilliance.

You feel like what you have to share isn’t enough.

Or it’s all be said before.

Or who the heck are YOU to help people, because you don’t have it all together.

Here’s a little secret – I don’t have it all together either.

But life and business are both easier (and way more fun) when we figure it out together.

That’s why I created this website, and all the goodness that goes with it.

Because I believe whatever you want in life or business can absolutely be yours.

I believe you’re good enough.

I believe you deserve it.

And I believe in YOU.

My name is Sarah Jensen, and I’m here to help you live your dreams and Rock Your Goals.

Sarah Jensen - Award Winning Life and Business Coach

I’m a Certified + Award Winning Life and Business Coach, and I help amazing women just like you own their awesome, design their dream life, and build a business they love, that loves them back, without going broke or burning out in the process.

I’m here because I truly believe you deserve to live the life of your dreams.

To feel happy and fulfilled.

To love yourself.

To love your life.

And to build a business that makes you happy AND makes a difference.


Because for a long time, I lived the exact opposite kind of life.

My life so far has been a little rollercoaster of crazy.

My parents divorced when I was little, I struggled socially in school, dealt with Depression as a teenager, married at 21, divorced at 25 and moved from Australia to London to ‘find myself’ (ok let’s be honest – to run away).

I put on weight, worked jobs I hated, had a messy relationship or three with “Mr Wrong”, got myself into debt and felt miserable, unhappy and angry ALL THE TIME.

I hated myself and I hated my life.

And then I had one of “those” moments.

The big ones.

The scary ones.

The ones where you either make BIG change, or check out completely.

I chose change and with the help of an incredible counsellor and a lot of ‘self’ work, I moved through the fog of depression and feeling low to a space where, for the first time in my life, I felt worthwhile, lovable, and hopeful.

It felt like a miracle, and I realised if I could get through the mess and let even a glimmer of that thing called ‘happiness’ into my life, then anyone can, and it became my mission to help people see and celebrate how amazing they are.

I’ve also ridden the business rollercoaster for the last few years and I understand ALL of the emotions us entrepreneurs can feel on a minute to minute basis; and that’s part of what drives me.

Breaking down the barriers.

Busting through the BS.

And getting real about building a business, so that incredible women just like you can share their message and shine their light in a way that’s authentic AND fun.

I believe that by sharing my story honestly – the ups and downs, the wins and the flops, the life stories and the business journey – and by creating a 100% judgment free space to support to others, I can help them see how amazing they are so they can go after their dreams.

And that includes you lovely, because you’re amazing!

Through one on one coaching, award winning workshops, speaking events, online courses, the award nominated Rock Your Goals podcast, and more, I’ve helped thousands of women just like you to live their dreams and rock their goals.

Sarah Jensen's Rock Your Goals Adelaide Workshop at Brick + Mortar Creative photographed by Amy Agnew, Photographer

I get to work with incredible, talented, passionate people who want more, who have big ideas, who want to rattle the cage of routine and the 9-5 and create something truly special.

I get to ride the rollercoaster with them and help them stay on track.

I get to support them as they bring their amazing vision to life and it’s something that’s so wonderful to be part of.

So I want to welcome you, lovely one, to this amazing group of goal rockers who are all about community, connection and kicking butt together.

Sarah x